Churchill "The Hollywood Years"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Birddog, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. I have just finished watching this drivel, maybe I missed the point, was it supposed to be as if the Yanks were re writing history?

    If so it appeared to me a British funded film and nearly an all British cast.

    The glearing errors were just too much to stomach,

    Jeeps in 1940
    Gold plated Sterling
    M16 used

    I could go on.

    I was terrible and made me shout at the screen.

    If it was a joke I did not find it funny or I may have missed the point.

    Any views from those out in the Wilderness?
  2. I think a lot of that wasn't meant to matter
    Stuff like the m16 and jeep etc isn't supposed to matter.
    I couldn't decide if it was funny or not, so had pretty much forgotten about it...
  3. There weren't M16s in the 40s?

    I could have sworn there was, and tasers. Tasers were regularly used in ye ole west end during the 40s IIRC.

    Was King Lincoln in power then or not? I can't quite remember...
  4. Bird Dog don't get upset it was never meant to be real, its a tax scam, the investors only make their money IF its utter unwatchable shite and nobody pays to see it. A lot of the errors are deliberate just to piss people off who will then spread the news, so it loses money faster.
  5. well, yeah. Its a p*ss-take on Hollywood movies that re-write WW2 to the detriment of the British role, like the enigma movie (U-271?) with Matthew McConnaghey and Harvey Keitel (which pretended it was the US Navy, not the Royal Navy, which captured an intact enigma coding device), and Saving Private Ryan, etc

    Even Band Of Brothers left out non-US forces whenever possible (e.g. they had to have them in Operation Market-Garden (where they made them look like incompetent by-the-book knobs), but left them out in other parts, like leaving out the British major who was shot by the drunken US private who also shot an Easy Company NCO in the final episode).

    That said, Churchill: the Hollywood Years is still a sh*t film. All the Hitler scenes, in particular, are just utterly humourless
  6. They did show the British major in Band of Brothers. You can understand why this (which I thought was brilliant) and Saving Private Ryan (over-rated) don't show too many British troops- they are about specific units in the US Army who would have had little contact with Brits and generally didn't fight in the same areas (Market Garden being the exception). I didn't like the part in SPR when the American officers complain about the British not taking Caen. In fact it was the British and Canadians who were facing the SS panzer boys at this stage of the Normandy campaign, not the Americans as depicted at the end of the movie.
  7. They did? I don't remember that. I'm talking about the incident where in Stephen Ambrose's book he says the US soldier had raped a teenage Austrian, then killed a pair of elderly Germans, and shot dead a British major who approached him. What I remember from the tv series was the pair of elderly Germans dead in their car when the Easy Company guys arrived. Was there a British major on the ground that I didn't see?
  8. not seen the film but i believe it's meant to be a p*ss take of the fact the yanks are rewriting our history
  9. I thought it was quite fun if silly
  10. Have to agree utter s&*te - Can't believe I wasted 90 minutes of my life watching it - Nowhere near as good as Top Secret
  11. I didn't even want to watch this. So I didn't.
  12. Yes
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    1941 with the late James Belushi was MILES better!!
  14. It's not a great film but all the funnier if you get the idea that it's taking the piss out of Hollywood! Also it did have some good bits (if un-PC) - Rik Mayall (Evil British Officer type): 'Now Mr Churchill, why don't you just take your slave - and fcuk off!'
    Phil Cornwell as Himmler and Goering also worked but what was the bit about Josef Goebbels and the chicken?

    They also cut a lot of good bits -there were some almost funny bits in the DVD extras.

    Sadly I do believe that a lot of people who live over in our ex colony across the Atlantic (not the Canadians!) who would think it was a realistic and accurate movie!
  15. Churchill film was just a 90 minute comic strip presents (it was produced by peter richardson). If the decent comic strips (think 'strike' with al pacino as arthur scargill - clearly an inspiration) were extended to 90 minutes they would be pretty tiresome. in fact the subtlties were funny, such as 'churchill' arriving with enigma, the black bloke being eisenhower (just mentioned once), but the general jokes were c[[p.

    In B of B sure there was a British major, as the NCO had killed him b4 the Easy Coy chaps turned up.