Churchill statue desecrated, again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by .Dolly, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. BBC News

    It's a great pity no trains pass close to the monument :evil:
  2. Fcuking Scum if I got my hands on them I beat the living $hite of out them. We should be like the Yanks. If you vandalise/damage a federal mailbox or a ferderal memorial you will be shot by the peelers.
  3. Now if this was the reaction to every case of vandalism the place might be a bit better to live in.

  4. Loathesome scumbags - lets hope they try and catch a late night tube!
  5. Cunts. They should be strung up.
  6. Absolutely!!!!

    Apparently one of the thick ones from celeb BB (Sheringhams missus) thought he was the first black president of the US - apparently she has seen it and thought 'well it's black innit'

    Honestly - it makes you want to give these people a damn good thrashing!!!
  7. Sacrilege!!! A firing squad is warranted for all those little knobbers who have no sense of history or self identity.

    IMHO, a statue/monument like this should be under 24 Hr surveillance. At the very least roped off. From the BBC picture, it seems to be located in a high traffic area. Somebody must have witnessed the 'attack' and if they have a sense of belonging they should come forward immediately and point the authorities in the right direction.

  8. Agreed: ignorant scum. Mind you, his grave in Bladon, Oxon (well worth a visit) is somewhat disappointing for such an important figure.

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  9. King_of_the_Burpas, thanks for the picture. Hallowed ground if there ever was any. Where is the guard?
  10. how many pots of paint have been thrown over Karl Marx's grave in Highgate Cemetary?
  11. The guard is on the train from Charlbury rooting out fare dodgers and smoking a roly in the driver's cab.

    It's an incidental grave in the family plot. No fuss, no pomp and circumstance. Extraordinary really. You could pull up, drink a two litre plastic bottle of cider, break wind and go completely unmolested.

    Randolph is buried there too.

    Best KOTB
  12. Couldn't agree more Devil_Dog, except for my bold. That, to me, is the easy option in prevention of such desecration and disrespect instead of tackling the problem head on (preferably with an angle grinder :twisted: ).
  13. Words do not do justice to this crime.

    It doesn't get more disrespectful does it.

    Where was Sven on the night in question?
  14. W@nkers! What's their point? He only led Britain in the successful action to stop the World being ruled by Germans, Japs and Italians - a task in which he very much succeeded.

    Sir Winston was named the greatest Briton of all time in a nationwide poll in 2002.

    Incidentally, though, Winnie did once say that he felt that his greatest foreign policy error was presiding over the creation of a unified Iraqi state following the end of WW1, conceding wryly that Britain was spending millions "for the privilege of living on an ungrateful volcano out of which we are in no circumstances to get anything worth having."


    5 mins later: Whilst composing the above (which I will not edit), I did come across something on the Net saying that Churchill agreed to let the RAF use chemical weapons against recalcitrant tribes in the early 1920s - maybe that is the point of the protesters; Churchill's use of chemical weapons in Iraq preceded Saddam Hussein's by 70 years.

    In spite of that error, and because of his record as a War leader, he's still a legend, and he would have got my vote!