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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tabemeister, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. I've tried posting this on some creaky leather armchair forums but had little success so I thought I'd try it here.

    I have an Army Signals, Despatch Rider’s Docket bearing Winston Churchill’s signature. The docket was obtained by my father who was a Sgt in the Royal Signals during the war. Its date stamped 1945 but the month is obscured. My father believes it was around Sept/Oct of that year. The story is that Churchill was visiting some dignitaries (possibly members of the Italian Royal Family) near Lake Como and had a tea set sent from the UK as gift for them. The tea set was sent through the military postal system and arrived at the signal office run by my father. He instructed the despatch rider that the package had to be signed for by Churchill himself. The despatch rider duly returned with the aforementioned signed docket which my father kept as a memento.

    My questions are:

    If this is Churchill’s signature what would be an approximate value?

    How and where could I have the document authenticated?

    Where would the best place to sell something like this?
  2. I would pop along to a proper auction house (Sothebys for example) and get it valued. DONT for christs sake put it on Ebay. If you must sell it, send it through an authenticated antiques militaria dealer. Try to seel it when similar lots come up (for example on a WWII militaria day) so that the collectors will be there.
  3. Greetings,

    There are many place to check out Churchill's life, the Houses of Parliament, Cabinet War Offices, etc, etc.

    You might want to contact they are normally a helpful bunch and will point you in the right direction.

  4. odd isn't it my grandad got proper photo's of Mussolini's execution yet was told even though they were original the post card versions were worth more
  5. Thanks for the tips so far, have contacted the Churchill society will see what they say. I see they also sell an 80 min CD of all his speeches, I remember back in the 80's BFBS ran a programme just playing his speeches, brought tears to my eyes.
  6. A fair bet this relates to after he lost the 45 election and went off to Alexander's place on Como, where a lot of painting was done. For this reason the arty-farties may attach some special value to it? Please let us know what you find out, especially who the tea service was for.

    Re his speeches, there's a useful book on this, 'Churchill Speaks 1897-1963', ISBN 0760708959 for UK edition, ISBN 0760708959 for US edition. Careful though as there are other books with similar titles which are less comprehensive, so you may want to check the ISBN. ;)

  7. For valuation and authentication it might be worth your while popping along to Frasers in The Strand, they are specialist dealers in the Stanley Gibbons shop. However, don't be tempted to sell it to them, they will rip you off.
  8. Snap!! even got the crinkly cut edges. I got mine from my dad must have been an enterprising Italian making a few bucks on the Tourist trade
  9. I’d say you’re absolutely right Bushrider, and not just one enterprising Italian, ‘original’ photographs are not exactly rare. Probably also enterprising Americans as some were in the piazza on the day the bodies were displayed, together with official photographers, stills and cine.

  10. Cheers, got no reply from the Churchill Society, despite their, "we'll get back to you really quick" banner! Trouble with Frasers is that it's in a mystical place called London that I've erd fowk taak av, I lives doown ere in Dorzet and weez scered of that ther big zity. Does anyone know of anywhere slightly more local.
  11. When they did a valuation for me I sent them a photocopy of the document which they valued. They also may ask for the original to be sent in for authentication. I will ask a mate for info on dealers nearer your neck of the woods.