Churchill Barracks Lippstadt


Just found these on the web... the memories..!!


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Queueing up at the guard room to get KU tickets just so we could dive into the fish pond at squaddies corner and get naked on the dance floor.... Seems like only testerday
Ah I remember it well. The middle pair of barred windows belong to the cell where I spent 7 loooonnnngggg days and nights.

"Sir I am 24****** Sig Spiff S, I charged under section 29a of the Army Act 1955. I was awarded 7 days detention by the Commanding Officer 22 Signal Regiment. I have no complaints or requests Sir".

So many years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. Cpl E***s the RP Cpl giving me sh$t all day. How I laughed.
Greetings Churchill Vets
I arrived there in August 1967 and left in Sep 1969. I also spent time in the little house on the corner, (3 Days), but I really enjoyed the whole town as it was then. Took lodgings just down the road and then got quarters in Bockenforde. Many nights spent in obtaining "chicken/bocky & chips" on the way back from town. Happy Days.
Remember the day when a certain irish (RSigs RSM), in early autumn, prior to a NATO inspection requested a helo to clear the leafs off the trees. Unfortunately all the D11 vehicles had the eqpt layed out on the ground - we were well camouflaged !!!
At the time the barracks were shared with 27 RA, then 42 RA so the cookhouse was a scream !!!
The best times happened when we had a "NATO Alarm", we could roar out of the barracks down to Soest and ignore all the traffic lights, or alternatively go to the border.
Surprisngly the local residents always knew when the alarm would go off !!!


!967 was 42 Regt. We left in 1968 to go to Devizes. I also was a guest at the "Hilton". 28 days. I remember being well supplied with fags by a certain, very young daughter of one of our senior ranks. I thought I had a "fag" angel as they came sailing through the window, usually just after tea time and before Guard mounting! Happy days....

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