Church refuses Digger's dying wish

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by browny31310, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. This article has my and quite a few others blood boiling,5478,12413966%255E2862,00.html

    Sorry , but the eldery Gent in question served with pride and honour in the WW2 Pacific Campaigns and was refused by his local minister his right of having his coffin drapped in the Australian Flag, because the minister is opposed to the IRAQ war . This peeves me off!!!
  2. pretty disgusting
    i've always believed that churches should all grant final or dying wishes within reason, as long as its not offensive. a shame that an old serviceman was refused to have his own national flag draped over his coffin. totally uncalled for and in my opinion, downright disrepectful
  3. Boy, oh Boy, what was this minister thinking? Opposition to the Iraq war is a fair arguement in my book (I am not opposed). Opposition to the second world war, where this man put his nuts on the line, is unthinkable (unless you are some goose-stepping wierdo, that is). I hope people don't think that this sort of thing is representative of the church as a whole.
  4. Perhaps this minister should have stopped to think that without the efforts of this man and many others like him the flag being draped on his coffin could well have been the rising sun.

    He also needs to remember that these same mens sacrifices allow him to have and express the opinions he holds, be they right or wrong.

    It is oh so easy in todays world to dismiss old soldiers as an irellevance when in fact we should still be celebrating the hard won freedoms they have given us all.

  5. Sanctimonius ars+hole. People like him thrive in the freedom and tolerance bought with the blood and sweat of veterans.
  6. Absoloutely unbelieveable!

  7. Hope the old boy finally gets what he rightly earnt and deserves.
  8. The Rev Wes Campbell;
    Good thing he did not say that 60 odd years ago when the enemy (right on Australia's door step) were a couple of million fanatical Japs. He should pay tribute to the likes of Mr Vipond - who gave him the freedom today to quote the Bible and not be living on a starvation diet of rice and paying homage to the Emperor.
  9. They should tell that god botherer to bugger off and get one that actually puts the respect of the dead in front of his political ideals!

    Rest in peace digger. Your country are proud of you veen if the vicar isn't! :evil:

  10. There might be some debate about that judgement then...
  11. I hope that everyone has visited the above link and left some feedback.

    Here's mine:
    Lets try keep this thread bubbling in the top ten so no-one misses it.
  12. My comments have been sent.

    Disgusting! :x
  13. Well done A_S,
    More comments to the Herald please.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Feedback has been left at the Herald - you can also e-mail the 'church' in question at:

    Is there no end to the depths these people will not sink?