Church Army intends to pull out of Germany

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Range_Gopher, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. We've been told that the Church Army intends to leave Germany at the end of 2006 :!: :cry: 8O

    Don't know about the rest of Germany but in Sennelager this will be a disaster. Hey you Guys and Gals, if you've ever been in Sennelager on the Ranges or on a course, this will affect you next time you visit.

    I know we also support the NAAFI but hey a little bit of competition can't be that bad, can it? :wink:



    If you are currently posted in Sennelager/Paderborn or if you intend to visit Sennelager Ranges in the next few months, please pop into the Church Army in Normandy Barracks and give you name and signature to their petition.

    If anyone from the Church Army World reads this, PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION :!: :x

    THANK YOU :)
  2. I believe its more that they are being pushed out, in that NAAFI do not want competition once PAYD is introduced. Because they wouldn't make any money cause every man and his dog would go to other sources to eat instead of eating the slop that NAAFI dish up!

    If this is incorrect then I apologise.

  3. Does this mean that they've successfully converted all of us - or given up?
  4. Are the Church Army self funding, or are they funded from the public purse, how much would it cost to keep them in the camps?
  5. Over the years, I always opted for the Church Army, YMCA and others over NAAFI. The staff are always friendly, beans on toast are superb and the brews are great. The staff in Sennelager are great and I believe the mags and papers are cheaper than NAAFI.
  6. I'm fairly sure that they're self-funding. The draw-down must have a major implication on their finances.
  7. I think they are charity run, don't really know too much about their set up. But I think it will be a real shame to lose the cafe and shop especially if it really has something to do with the intro of PAYD.
  8. I think it's something to do with hte cafe's being their main source of income and if NAAFI are enforcing rules and regulations re the selling of food then they will not make enough money so have to close. But again I might be wrong - but i'm sure I read something about it somewhere on here

  9. I agree mate, it would be scandalous to see them go. But if it costs a fortune to keep them going (I'm not sure if that's true though), when money could be spent else where, then the argument to keep them becomes more difficult.
  10. Anything that takes away such institutions is to be regretted and you in-now guys should do all you can to protect them. Way way back they - and the kirk o'jocks - gave excellent service, support and downright love.
  11. If anyone out there who is able to sign the petition would do so, I know the ladies who work there are keen to stay and enjoy the work they do. I know we can't put names in here, but the lady who runs it and her husband have put a lot of work into the running of the place over the years and I know that they and the other ladies who currently work there would appreciate your show of support.

    Where there's a will, there's a way :D

    Even in the bigger picture of things....... :)
  12. In Fally NAAFI have the run of the whole camp, the YWCA, 'Chicken Goerge' have all been brushed aside, in fact I get the impression soon they will try and stop us eating down town, at Burgerking and Mcdonalds etc. I even wouldn't be surprised in the not to distance future to see a NAAFI van going around the estates selling grub, s**t better not give them any ideas! In the main NAAFI you can buy a Timberland shirt, shoes etc at some extortianate price but every weekend they run out of bread and milk!
  13. It is due to PAYD. I was on a course up in Herford last year and it was being spoken about then.

    It's a shame that this is happening, but bigger business has dictated the terms and the friendly little guy has got his marching orders. Such a pity that the Army management hasn't fought thier case a bit harder, given the support that little organisations like the Church Army have given us for decades. The canteen in Herford serves better scoff than NAAFI and its cheaper. It will be a loss when it goes.

    Another soldier friendly agency consigned to the history books. It's not as if they would dent NAAFIs profits. I hope that they andwhat's left of the other small timers can find locations outside the wire and keep trading.

    If anyone is visiting any of these establishments can you add Biscuits_AB to the petition.
  14. Do the wallies at the top ever bother to ask the guys on the ground what THEY want.I'm sure 99,99% of the troops would prefer the Church Army to the boring profit making NAAFI.Keep the Church Army I say.
  15. NAAFI will argue the toss every time and say 'but look how much money we push back into the system', they would far better off keeping their prices down so more of us would be inclined to use their establishments. They've got the monopoly and to me thats unhealthy, they will never be as big or as good as the American AAFES system, which is what they are trying to emulate.