Church alarm over cross caution

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by asmallbrownduck, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. How long before someone will listen to the majority and stamp on the heads of these PC t*sspots.

    They will be saying that we should remove The Queens head from postage stamps next as she is Head Church of England.

    B*stards. It's only just gone 10:00 on a lovely Saturday morning and I am too f*cking angry to speak.

  2. The fault is not with the goaly exercising his freedom of religion...

    It is with the sub human scum in the stands who "took offence" and decided a bit of disorder was appropriate. Should have just pumped some plastic bullets in to the stands.
  3. So PC and so totally stupid. 8O

    The man is unable to practise his sign of religion without being persecuted.

    This has overtones of another gentleman with a small moustache who tried the same in his fight againt jews. Where will it end?


  4. Selective reporting I feel. I for one, don't give a monkeys about the childish religous b0llocks that the Celtic v Rangers entails, but if you read the report, it wasn't the crossing of the chest that caused the caution, it was the provocative manner in which he did it. Remember Gazza's flute incident. I think that if the player had quietly crossed himself facing away from the fans, there would have been no problem. It is done by players at every game. You have to ask yourself why this instance caused trouble???
  5. It was the fact he crossed himself immediately after giving the fans the wa<y>nker gesture that was seen as incitement.
    Not the genuflecting, par se.
  6. What a charming individual you are. And you call others "sub human scum" 8O
  7. In the face of such religious intolerance and persecution by those with so-called responsibility for "justice" I think we should consider an appropriate response.

    There is no merit in facing such biggotry with more biggotry. I think we should gather together: workers, intellectuals and accademics and form a human rights group to bring this prejudice to the attention of the outside world.

    I'm thinking about something like "People's Democracy" or "Lowlands Independant Civil Rights Association" ...........

    pass my coat over will you?

  8. Is it freedom of religion to incite hatred by making deliberate inflammatory signs to an already volatile crowd? He should have been done for it. The fact that it was the sign of the cross is neither here nor there. And if that is a quote from the catholic church, they should be looking at the facts, and not skewing them to fit their own misguided agenda.
  9. He is a girl for accepting a caution. He should have told the police to stuff it.
  10. Frenchperson and FatherJack, i am with the uniform copper from the film ID on this matter. They're all hooligans.

    If there is one thing I hate more than football it is a football "fan" who considers that a kick off after the match is also acceptable.

    PS Frenchperson, don't start trying to bore me again like you did in the maggie thread. Just stay quiet.
  11. I quite agree, frogger, hooligans.
    Violence is never excusable.
    However, Boruc was stupid (ridiculous though it may be, he was also breaking our new half ersed anti-sectarian laws, but that is a different argument*) and should have been advised better. It seems by the fact he accepted the caution and therefore, a criminal record for it, he accepts he was in the wrong.
    Yes, fans are idiots and having spent 90 mins hollering abuse at players to suddenly get uppity when a player turns round a gives some back is just plain hypocritical, but an OF game is a powderkeg, and we know it is wrong, but the braindead in the stands take their lead from the braindead on the park. Sadly, it all to often ends up with visits to casualty.

    *Joke McConnell, our beloved leader, needs to accept a lot of the blame for the recent upsurge in sectarian tensions. His inability to deal with any of Scotland's numerous social issues has caused him to seek a "shiny thing" to shout about and distract our short attention spans from increasing poverty gaps, inadequate schooling and housing, worst ill health in the western world, alcoholism like even the Russians would ashamed of... etc etc.
    Sectarianism is his "shiny thing" - the worst part is that it has stirred up and fanned long since dying embers.
  12. Are you a moderator?

    I think it's ridiculous to pursue this through the police system, it was a stupid thing for the player to do, but I'm sure the police had more important matters to concern themselves with, I bet tens of motorists were travelling at least 1-2mph over the limit outside the ground while the game was going on.
  13. luke wrote
    Do you see the letters M O and D on my medal rack?

    Use the force....

  14. If you're implying that your own contributions are made in the pursuit of making this place interesting, then excuse me but you're failing abysmally.

    Your prejudice against football and the deliberate tarring of all fans with the same brush is tedious and stupid
  15. The only thing round here that is tedious and stupid is you, you muppet.

    How does telling you to keep it zipped and not to bore ME, imply that what I post makes the place interesting?

    Well done, you're speaking drivel again.... please feel free to pick me up on some sort of spelling or grammer error, whilst making several of your own like you did a few days ago.