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Church abuse cases, should religious leaders shut up shop?


This fatuous cliché, so beloved of atheists, has long puzzled me. If God doesn't exist, how can anyone bother him?
Well if he did he would possibly be bothered by all the praying asking for stuff.


A bit hypocritical, when you consider his wedding vows, porking camellia before and during his marriage to his wife, hardly a role model.
Perhaps not a trend setter but a follower then?
Should the army lose its recognition and patronage from the Royal Family and Parliament because some of its members have, from time to time, done dreadful things that CGS has felt he had to apologise for?
If the systems were in place within the army for those dreadful things to not only take place but continue, with the full knowledge of those in command, with the perpetrators being moved and allowed to carry on with those dreadful things, while the victims were ignored or had pressure applied to them to shut-up and go away, I would expect a lot more than a loss of patronage once it came to light.

I would expect heads to roll, as I expect you would as well.

And were this hypothetical situation to arise with the army, I imagine that CGS would have some serious questions to answer, rather than apologise for.


Many of those listed cult activities were and are practised by established religions, they may not use force any more but guilt is a strong emotion!
Less than a million a year attending C of E church service, and falling by about 30k a year (church own stats) - It would seem they are doing a grand job of closing down all by themselves. Perhaps Charlie not being head of the church would give it the nudge it needs go pack in all together


Its still strong here in the sticks despite the best efforts of trendy clergy to piss off the wrinklies that attend!
Some. Not all Atheists display @ugly 's obsession with God-botherers for instance.

Some people are quite happy to believe in Nothing, while leaving others alone to believe in whatever Deity or Deities they choose. These are a happy band, similar to Pick n'Mix Catholics and, I assume, other half-hearted religions, like Muslims who like a couple of pints at the weekend.

Then there's the opposite ends of the spectrum, the people who put the mental in fundamentalism. The fundie God-botherers demand that you believe in their version of the Sky Fairy or they'll kill you. At their most mild they park three deep outside churches on a Saturday evening because apparently it's a sign of devotion to get your BMW as close to the altar as possible. The Atheist Fundamentalists, the followers of the Ayatollah Dawkins, demand that everybody believe in Nothing. Some day these fúckers will launch an anti-Jihad to eradicate Believers everywhere. Because Nothing demands it.

Nihil Vult, Fidel.
As a non believer I’m quite keen on live and let live. However......
I also strongly believe that followers of sky pixies should only be allowed near young impressionable children if they can keep their religious thoughts under their cap in working hours.
I remember the late comedian Dave Allen telling us one weekend (I knew his daughter) about his first day at school.
In front of a class of Young impressionable 5 year olds a f#ckwit of a Christian Brother started off telling them the rules and in a couple of minutes had worked himself up into a full blown rant that they were all evil and sinful and would all burn in hell. The crescendo delivered at a full blown bellow.
He said the thing that stayed with him forever in the silence that followed was the sound of water hitting the polished floor as a number of frightened little lads pissed themselves where they sat.
Not a fan of any of it myself but if you are old alone and frightened of dieing I suppose it’s ok.


It's a paradox. Like believing in Nothing.
I believe in science, not sky pixies! If that makes me a non believer then you need to look at the dictionary again
And, once again we blame a religion, rather than the 'people' that supposedly run it.

I'm not going to get into a debate about 'religion', suffice to say, I'm a Christian, I think the AB of C, needs to stfu about politics and, preaching TO the people. There are millions of us that go about our daily lives bothering nobody but, we are demonised because of a few.

Regardless of the religion, most people just want to be left to get on with it, it's the "Holier than Thou" tossers that need to have a reality check.

For a start, get rid of the Bishops from the HoLs, they bring nothing to the table but a pious attitude and, sod all idea of the realities of day to day living.

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