Chunky floating shelf / mantel piece

Discussion in 'DIY' started by mucus2, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Just had a woodburner installed and am after ideas for a chunky mantel piece. Where is the best (cheapest) place to by a suitable chunk of wood and any ideas on fixing it to the chimney breast in a floating fashion?
  2. B&Q sell the kits quite cheaply. I'd google it, but I'm too lazy.
  3. Im after something cheaper and chunkier to be honest. Thanks though.
  4. get an old railway sleeper from a salvage yard.
  5. Reclamation yards are good for a bit of proper seasoned wood (oak is best in my opinion) with character and thick enough for a decent mantle. To attach use a 1" auger, drill 4 or more holes in wood and wall, glue in "1 dowels into mantle, let dry then glue into holes in wall. Seemples, smart and very eye catching.
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  6. Floating shelves are excellent to look at but useless. The recommended max weight is about 15 Kg so when you put anything on them they gradually start to tilt downwards.
  7. I'd agree with 5A's answer, I've always sought out reclamation yards, especially as most of them do a nice line in old timber beams that have been shot blasted, so they're ready for staining/varnishing. Might be worth looking at Pitch Pine as it's cheaper than Oak, although neither are that expensive for a short length like a mantlepiece. Couple of quid per foot last time I bought one (although it was about 5 years ago).
  8. Sounds good, thanks for all the answers.
  9. True of the one's available from B&Q etc, but if you have a strong enough bracket, you would have a much stronger shelf. Depending on how good you are at DIY, you could make a suitable bracket yourself, of get a blacksmith to knock you one up.
  10. Good point about them tilting, if the plaster surface is not flaking or loose, I'd back up the glued dowels with a tube or two of the 'no nails' panel adhesive spread over the back face to prevent this.
  11. Just fired up the woodburner tonight for the first time this season.......

    Bloody lovely, the cats looked at me and said OMFG, they love to stare at it for hours.
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  12. I think 5A hit the nail on the head, its going to be more for appearance than having stuff on it to be honest. Well, maybe the cat may try it once.
  13. A lot depends on the wall as to how it can be fixed + the weight of the shelf itself.

    is it stone, brick, breeze-block or even plasterboard?
  14. Stone. Victorian father, sorry, terrace.