Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brummieboy1, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. Is anyone else prepared to admit that they have bought stuff from Chums the clothes people ?

    I will admit to buying those trousers with an expandable waist, they are very comfy. Oh, I have also bought some cardigans from them.

    Come on then, I can't be the only one, can I ?
  2. I have never heard of chums so can't say anything about them. But men (of any age) wearing cardigans is just so wrong!!!

  3. The missus bought me a cardigan for Christmas.

    I'm thinking of wearing it the next time we have sex.

    If I can still get into it then......
  4. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Terribly sorry, my memory's going. Into what?
  5. Nothing wrong with cardies, got a nice one from All Saints for rocking off into town in and a couple of Fred Perry ones that I think I look rather fetching in at work.

    Mrs Seagull bought them for me as if it wasn't for her I'd live in jeans and trainers.

    Who the fuck are chums?

  6. Who the fuck are All Saints? A has been pop group?


  7. Thats fuck all the G/F has an adults fleece romper suit for sleeping in her mum bought it for her this xmas shes only 30yrs old FFS!
  8. It's a shop where are you can buy shit clothes for ridiculous amounts of money AND have the pleasure of being looked down at by skinny shop assistants with dodgy fringes and jeans that are skin tight and hang off their arses.

    That's why Mrs Seagull buys most of my clothes. To stop be burying the till in some cunt from 'Skins' head.
  9. I'm learning more about men's clothes then I ever wanted to know. I only thought really really old men (like over 35) wore cardigans with their trousers pulled right up over their belly's using both a belt and suspenders to keep the trouser's in place.

  10. How very dare you! I'm but a slip of a lad at 34! I must admit I wouldn't wear one if I put weight back on. Beer belly / cardies combo just doesn't wash.

    Im sure their was a thread on cardies a while back? Who are chums?
  11. Never heard of them. (Probably a good thing) As for cardies, stick 'em up your poo chute, should be standard issue when you get your zimmer frame, but nowt till then.
  12. going into that place always guranteed to make you want to do some damage, they are trying to make blokes look like birds
  13. OI! That's nearly me!
  14. Do they come with a jumbo pack of Werthers as well :lol: