Chuggers ....Chugged Off under New Rules

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. It's in the nationals this morning. "War Declared on Chuggers". Charity collectors on the streets are to be curbed from this week, facing penalty points and big fines. Does this go far enough?

    "The new rules, developed by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, mean that fundraisers are no longer allowed stand within three metres of a shop doorway, pedestrian crossing, cashpoint or train and bus station entrances; effectively barring them from most high streets. Nor can they approach members of the public deemed to be "on-duty", banning them from approaching anyone who might be working. They are also barred from working on sites booked by other fundraisers. Moreover, fundraisers have been told they must be open about how much their firm is paid to carry out the work and should now submit the wording of that to the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA). They should also carry information about the sites they work on". The Independent.

    Charity 'Chuggers' Banned From Standing Outside Stations And Shops
  2. About fucking time. Just need the same laws down here. Fucking parasites.
  3. And the RBL collectors stand where?
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  4. Can't wait for the headline "Poppy sellers banned from city centre", I'll POL the bus.
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  5. About bloody time. I get so pissed spending my hard earned money in Marks and Spencers on their best quality nosh to see some lazy fucker smelling of pissnshit trying to sell me a magazine thats fucking free when I exit said shop. Fuck off to Iceland and harass other chavs out of their benefits. As for trying to make me feel guilty for that one kid who may not live beyond 6 months. Guess what none of us may live beyind 6 months. At least that kid knows about it and can milk it and get freebies.
  6. Honestly? Good.

    Chuggers are fucking awful. I was one for 6 months, even got to team leader.

    There's only so many times a day you can be spat at or told to 'go fuck yourself'. Tbh, they're annoying as they come. I've signed up with 2 in my life - Which charities? I don't fucking know tbh, I only stopped because the lass who asked me for 'a min of my time' was fit. It worked once ;) - Anyway, back to my point-

    Do you know how they work?

    I was employed specificially by a charity (the leading deaf-blind association without naming names) so at least all the money raised by the chuggers went back to the charity.

    Most Chuggers are employed by an agency such as 'Gift' or similar. How are they funded when everyone hates Chuggers so much? Well, Charities take the safter option. Their financial or aid director says to a group of agencies "We want to make £150k this quarter" - The agencies then have a blind auction or bid for said contract. They will give the charity that money in a lump sum - In exchange for using their name to get the money back. Usually if it's a bigger charity like Oxfam or Barnardos, the agency triples the value of the money it puts in.

    The staff hired are expandable -Usually pretty hippy girls, tarquin guys, students, tattoo'ed to fuck people, emo kids, goths, and 'alternative culture' types - Mainly because they dont get hired anywhere else without a comprimise on morals (I know this, back in the day I used to have a fuck-off great mohawk and live in my DM's so it was the only job I could get)

    I've kinda rambled on a bit here. But yeah, fuck chuggers.

    Ps - If a chugger blocks your path your are allowed to use 'reasonable force' to move them.
    Pps - They are NOT allowed to talk to you if you are sitting down. You must approach them. (Not literally THEM. That would probably result in a crying chugger.)
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  7. I'm devastated. It's the only time I get approached by reasonably attractive females in the street. I enjoy the fleeting moment of euphoria prior to fcuking them off at the high port.
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  8. 'Excuse me Sir, can you spare a moment…'

    'F**k off' without breaking step.

    But one charity fundraiser, 33-year-old Max, told The Independent he believed the new rules were an attempt to "phase out street fundraising, because we're not exactly the most popular people."

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  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I have no problem with RBL or anyone standing quietly waiting for me to go over to them and hand over my dosh - I get pissed off by people approaching me every 5 meters pretending to be friendly and begging for money and then shouting after me down the street when I refuse to talk to them.
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  10. They never really bothered me, im a tight jock cunt. If I want too give to a charity then I will, no cunt shacking a can in front of me will change my mind.
  11. I don't mind if the collectors are volunteers. It's the companies that charities use and the annoying pushy fuckwits on street corners that shit me.
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  12. Oh for God's sake have MP's not got something better to do with their time? What arse thought this bit of petty officiousness was worth a line of law? Having high streets littered with charity shops seems to be more of a social problem. If you don't like can shakers then just politely tell them to fuck off.
  13. Good will they go after the "Have you had an accident or injury in the last 3 years" types next? I mess with their heads, if the I'm going to kill you and rape your puppy stare doesn't work on them approaching, when they ask the question I always reply "No, but I am a net exporter of injuries".

    Of course fuck off and die is a good fall back.
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  14. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Round here (south coast) they seem to have started calling house to house, as a way round this.
  15. I don't mind that I don't answer the door.