Chuffed to fcuk

:D :D :D :D :D :D
Hope you's dont mind , but i would just like to mention the fact that sprog no 1 has now got letters after her name( not like the ones after her old man) She is now a BA(hons) well done , sprog 2 got a merit with distintion on his Music Diploma, God only knows how thats gonna help in Uni, he is going to study pure maths, 8O as I've said sorry if this is the wrong place to post , But I AM CHUFFED TO FCUK
:D :D :D :D :D :D
Congratulations Black_Taxi

I take it you'll be opening your wallet grand style in the nearest Pub? :D
Damn Right Bud ,Shes having the presentation parade in Manchester somewhere on the 17th this month then onto the pub for a slap up and several scoops, Anyone would think I had just got a degree. First thing sprog 1 said when she realised she had passed , "supposed I will have to get a proper job now then " bless
beers on me
it's good when the rug rats do well, ain't it.

good show to yours.
I too have letters after my name: CSE. :cry:
How old is Sprog 2? Is he for sale? PM me with details.... :wink:

Well Done Sprog 1 by the way :D
Probably not the forum for familiy announcements.... but what the hell!! :D Good effort sprogs is what I say..... and damn right to be proud!
Congrats to sprog BT.

I remember when I goy my degree.......No wait....... It was the third degree I got - off Mrs MB for coming in pissed again.

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