Chuffed to bits with this years pay rise.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by floppyjocky, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Just noticed that this months pay statements are on Armynet. I'm over the moon with my extra £0.13p (based on the same month last year). I have decided to treat my wife and child to a new gobstopper (which they can share).

  2. See? That is the sort of financial profligacy which ensures that the AFPRB maintain our current crap levels of pay rises. If you persist in celebrating these rises with ridiculously extravagant purchases, they will assume that we are living in absolute luxury, lashing out on things that can only be described as frivolous.

    Anyway, the Mess fees will go up by 14p just to make sure....
  3. Sounds similar to my pay rise.

    4.75% rise on Council Tax (£7.00 a month increase)
    40% energy bill increase (£18.00 a month increase)
    2.5% minimum rise on goods for inflation
    Fuel at a record high of nearly £1.00 a litre

    to name but a few.

    If these pay rises carry on, I`ll have to celebrate by finding a second job. :evil:
  4. Ill thank you all not to diss the 'inflation busting' pay raise. I got a 3.3% rise I think, how much did food and accom go up by?
  5. Well we can all argue about how poorly we're paid eh.....anybody wanna swap with one a the thousands of hard working NHS nurses??
  6. I'd swap my pay packet for an NHS Nurse. Do I get to choose which one? Come and work in a Service where the non-seagoing Dorises get the same pay packet as the rest of us because it's officially "not worth the effort" to drop their pay packets by a justifiable amount. Then again, I suppose they have to pay extra for their supersize knickers and to replace the trousers their shiny arses wear out so quickly.
  7. Seagoing??? Thought we didnt have any boats left?!
    As for the shiny arse analogy.....well thats a point of view....personally I've always thought all you fish heads had shiny arses!
  8. my pay rise is amazing

    1.71 extra a day
    80p less loa
    16p extra food and accom

    meaning a grand total of 75p pay rise equivalent of 1.3% cheers got a pay rise less than inflation

    edited due to spelling
  9. And make sure you pay for your dental treatment - the DDS will be charging you soon for each visit ...... and your families ........... Not :twisted: to bring them in line with the NHS.

    Thus each time you are deployed your local CoC will have to "hire" in a Dentisit as the DDS one is sooooooo over worked that he/she does not have time due to him/she having to go on course/NBC course(War Role)/Watchkeeper course (2nd War Role)/anasthetics course (3rd War Role)/ opps being a dentist (4th war role) also the DDS can not provide the LOCUM cover - opps that will be because all the retiring OF 4/5 are making sure they have a job at the local Bks and can not keep up the pace

    Just a thought