Chucking out immigrants

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tehori, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Not the sharpest knives the BNP types are they.Got a Brit immigrant here in New Zealand who is a member of the BNP , he agrees with all their loopy ideas.

    Now he could have a small problem in a couple of the cuzzies turning up to escort him out to the airport if he does not have NZ citizenship.

    Countries should get rid of immigrants, yep can be arranged
  2. your not wrong there matey

    queing in the works canteen this morning and the woman on the till was going on about immigrant this and immigrant that and the the que was mostly full of black guys and indians who just stared at her in disbelief
  3. there are a lot of stupid people in the world, congratulatoins on finding a couple of scape goats who are BNP related to justify the stereotype that all BNP supporters are idiots :roll:

    just for the record i am impartial and i dont vote, before you all start tagging me a racist BNP supporter, i am just very much so against anyone who makes comment against another based on hearsay.... which is what this post is about.

    and before there are any replies to this posting newspaper articles and what not, if he really did vote for BNP and is now being deported becuase of it, is that not a breach of data protection? Also i am sure that it is illegal to deport someone because of who they vote for.
  4. I am all for immigration, you keep him!

    would it not be better for you to put him up (sorry I mean detain him) in a hotel for 18 months, barr him from work (he is probably a chav so wont mind) supply with a few quid to keep him in the basics - like beer, fags and whatever drugs he wants.

    or send him back here and we will give him benefits, paid for by the tax payer - poor lad has probably had a hard life.

    Alternately you could introduce him as a nonce to your local Dogs?

    BNP Brit (ish) numpty party - but we are the numpties for giving them so much publicity, there are always going to be numpties that believe all those that come here do so to get on benefits and free housing.

    It is about time UK plc took a look at itself and realised that without immigrants we would have no mail, transport, waste collection, and another 1000 jobs that benefit britain are too fcuking lazy and up themselves to do.

    I am not suggesting Immigrants do all the menial labour, just that they have the moral courage to do the sihte jobs that benefit britain simply could not afford to do.
  5. We had a problem a wee while back out here when the Government in its ultimate wisdom decided that Phillipino workers should not be allowed to stay in the country. Now, I know hard work and hard workers when I see them. These guys are well mannered, very hard workers and are now preferred by the fishing captains. They give no one hassle and live on board the fishing boats when not at sea. It was fishermen themselves who kicked up a stink and made the politicians back down- for now.

    As the previous poster mentioned, benefit Britain needs a collective kick up its arrse. Without these people who understand what REAL poverty is and because of that are prepared to work hard and also get an education this country would be stuffed.

    Having said that the mainstream politicians need to openly address the issues which concern the populace. They need to do this without being immediately labeled 'racist' because if they dont, sooner or later the extremists who are prepared to talk about these issues will start collecting votes and we will find ourselves strangled by the very democratic process which we always harp on about.
  6. I think every bugger is racist. I worked with two girls - an Afro-Caribbean Brit and an Indian Brit - and they HATED each other because of respective race.

    I've also had racist comments from black guys - for dating a black girl - and seen a black girl ram a pushchair into an old white guy - just because he was white. This was after I'd offered to help her off the bus with the push chair and all the response I got was that teeth suck sound meaning feck you.

    People from the Indian sub-continent would also have more credibility if they hadn't got such an all-embracing caste system, where everyone looks own on the caste/s below them. Check an Indian's response if you tell them there's going to be a Dalit handling food, coming to a bash, whatever - even in the UK.
  8. Reminds me of a 1979? Election poster - a dark-skinned copper with the caption "Labour says he's black - We say he's British". If they're here legally and want to be British permanently (rather than temp work) then British they become.
  9. Seconded, Herr Fally! :D
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Well said
  11. Anyone who wants to be here, accepts the UK rule of law and agrees to abide by it, is happy to embrace our culture without forfeiting there own, makes a positive contribution to the community, is willing to work hard, AND PAYS THE SAME OUTRAGEOUS TAXES THAT I DO is welcome in my opinion. I don't give a flying toss what colour, creed or race they are.

    At this particular moment in time i'm more concerned about the fat, lazy, useless homegrown Chavs that have made benefits a career choice whilst abusing anybody else that strays into their "hood"! In an ideal world, they're the first fekkers i'd be looking to throw outta the country.

    And............ breathe! :x
  12. I don't agree. Whilst I welcome those with specialist skills I do not want labourers coming into the country to do the menial tasks which our lazy chavs can and should be made to do. Why take a foreigner when we have our own who can do the work. Britain is full. We just need a Government with some balls to make these lazy fuckers work for their benefits.
  13. I agree with your non-agreement! Well said bud. Just coz you're more like ellokwent than wot i is!

  14. African-Caribbean apparently?
  15. Who watched QT last night then? :wink: