Chucking in the current job

what should I do?

  • Take it on the chin and suck it up

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  • tell them to **** off and take my chances

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  • grass the fiddling cnuts up to the new boss

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I haven't enjoyed working for the current firm pretty much from day 1 but the money was good and 2 years of part time work was killing me so I have been biting my lip. What basically happened was the job was advertised for an engineers post and interviewed as such but from day one they tried to make me be the project manger. It hasn't worked, the tight cunts haven't funded the project properly and I haven't had enough time to do both aspects of the job. It got progressively worse and the staff brought in to support me all left within weeks or months due to lack of support and a shitty client who wouldn't approve their appointments.
Now after many months of suspicions about certain people in the firm taking back handers I have enough to go to the head shed about this and just before I could I was offered a sidelined post where I could be the engineer and not the pm. I bit the cunts hand off but today it seems he is being replaced by a wonman and he is desperate to impress and throwing his weight around.
I am up for another interview without coffee for failing to achieve ridiculous unachievable targets that I have spent 9 months telling the thick cunts wont be met. oddly enough despite expecting every week to get my papers I seem to sail through and come out on top.
Today though has been different and although I seem to have interviews lined up from next week I am unsure as to how to play tomorrow.
Should I tell them to fuck off and find another mug or should I stand my ground and ask to talk to the new bird on her own and bubble the cunts for fiddling?
If you've got evidence, take it to the boss. Any decent org should have some sort of whistleblowing policy.

Right, NAAFI - fuckin' fuck 'em


Unfortunately every email is recorded and I have taken to phone calls but I cant trust anyone on the project even the ones I know should be clean. I have enough of an email trail calling into question payments and authorisation of them to subbies!
If think you've got enough evidence then drop a dime on them.
There is no doubt in my mind that as long as you have a good, solid evidence trail then you should bubble the useless arseholes. Why the fuck should you be the fall guy for these cunts. Just saying like......DD
Drop the dodgy fuckers in the shit and look for another job.
You're an enterprising chap and I'm sure you'll come out on top pretty soon mukker.


I do wonder why I bother especially as these cunts have ballsed up every bit of every job they have done so far! I think pointing that out and then hinting about back handers should be enough. I don't want the job anymore, in fact I want to walk away with a pay off but I wonder if the crap firm and the crap employees don't deserve each other!
No no....

What you need to do is have a meeting with the boss and then threaten to drop them in it.

Unless they give you a nice little backhander too.
Spilling the beans/grassing the twats is usually corporate suicide - be honest, would you employ a proven 'back-stabber' ? Not many will no matter the provocation and the word always gets out within closed circles irrespective of assurances to the contrary.

Your best bet is to demand, and I mean demand, a private 1-1 with the new boss. Tell her openly and honestly why you're pissed-off, how you've been fucked about and tell her you've had a gutsfull. You need to get her on-side, your side, by telling her what a clever, loyal, reliable etc., etc., fucker you are - you should also hint, heavily, that if she plays fair with you she'll have a valuable allie, someone she can rely on to be on her side.

I'd think very carefully before deciding to bubble anyone - keep that as your final option if it all goes tits-up.

Good luck and don't let the bastards grind you down.
Where's the option for " Dry your fucking eyes Princess" and do what you think is right?


Where's the option for " Dry your fucking eyes Princess" and do what you think is right?
Ah the snail, I knew I could rely on you for tea and sympathy which is why I posted it in the naafi


If it was the snail I'd be happy and both shitting myself at the same time!
Ah the snail, I knew I could rely on you for tea and sympathy which is why I posted it in the naafi
I am always the voice of reason.

Fucking fuck them. Take them like they are a ginger fat FTRS WO2 pretending he knows what he is on about and slay them.


That would be some sort of stacker wo2?
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