Chuck Norris v THEM v 100 US Marines v T Rex


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After reading a couple of similar threads..........

So, would THEM, the Seppos and T Rex all be fcuked in a whirling fury of roundhouse kicks or would Chuck more subtly sow the seeds of discord first and then simply pick off the survivors?

Your thoughts please....
Depends if Marc Bolan is allowed to use his guitar.


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So long as he doesn't use it to distract his driver I see no reason why not.


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That sounds like one Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, but I think in the end the victor would be Mr Rogers, in a blood-stained sweater.
You really can't look past Chuck.


He's nails!
The whole thing about the 100 septic Marines being about to wipe out 112,000 Red Coats over on relies on the Red Coats walking en-masse across flat featureless terrain into 100 heavy armed modern Marines who are set up and waiting for them, even with Chuck Norris the septics wouldnt win, mainly becasue if they can have him then we will have the Baron of Shortcastle on our side.


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But who said Chuck would be on the septics' side? Chuck only fights for truth, justice and the Chuck Norris way.


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i think that this thread is dreadful lol
For a more competitive event (and one that could be proven in reality), why not consider 100 ARRSErs v 100 For ammunition, could have Budweiser and Miller Lite, ARRSE could have Wifebeater and Theakston's OP.

I don't think I'd care to give odds on which side would have the last man standing.

For fairness, there probably should be a rematch using foreign ammunition.
Well, I reckon the T Rex would cancel out Chuck Norris and the 100 Marines would be overrun by the original THEM:


Would make a good film though!


Surely the rumble we all want to see is Henno Garvey v Chuck Norris?


Chuck Norris would win.

It is a fact as indisputable as Chuck Norris' beard.

By invoking the name Chuck Norris you have ended the argument.
Chuck only got so nails after being soundly thrashed by by a five foot one Chinese American in the Coliseum, albeit with the aid of several mangy feral kittens.

Chuck couldnt dance in slow motion and got caned.

The shame of that defeat, plus the loss of a patch of chest hair drove him to exile and back to his sensai.

It was only after many years of meditation and practice that he returned confident to eradicate wrong doers the world over.

Bruce Lee, I salute you for making this man what he is.
Jack Bauer would beat them all - together. No one touches Jack.


My names Chuck, and I like to f_ck.

Is his middle name really mymuck??
We all know the Chuckster would shoe Them, 100 of Uncle Sam's Mutant Children and a T-Rex without breaking a sweat. 8) So how about a fairer fight? A real test of Norris' incredible abilities...

Chuck Norris vs ALLAH! :twisted:
Cuddles said:
Surely the rumble we all want to see is Henno Garvey v Chuck Norris?

Seen it, in a scrapyard in Bromley last year, Chuck pipped him to the post with a swift nut and a reverse roundhouse, the fight was a last minute thing knocked together after U2 cancelled a gig there :D

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