Chuck him in a Stadt bin.


I sat watching this and slowly got angry at how chirpy this cnut is.

Whats the point in having an audience full of blubbing women if you can't put your hands inside them or make them eat out your anus.

He's milking it. When he comes down that slide its a shame there isn't a lion at the bottom or a big wasps nest, that'll teach him to be a smug cnut.

I want to snip his flipper off.
Poor bastard. Fancy being born like that..............................................................Australian.
When he's stood in goal (When I say stood I mean, placed there by a proper person) why did they not aim the ball at his face?

I want a pal like that, I would subject him to new found humiliation every day of his life.

It would be worth, driving to a distant town, kicking through someones patio window, painting a braveheart type cross on his face and leave him in the front room next to a freshly laid cable.
I'm still trying to work out how he got back out of that pool.
He came in our local........ and got kicked, can't remember if it was standing on the seats or arrseing around!!

OK..... I'll get my coat, no need to shout!!
If i ever saw the preachy little blob of buckshee skin hopping down the street I would be tempted to either

a) Check the coast is clear before gently picking him up and placing him in someones rubbish bin.


b) take a run up penalty kick at him to see just how much height and distance its possible to kick someone like that.


c) Just politely ask him with some genuine concern as to how he wipes his bumhole after pinching one off? I can only imagine that he must drag his arrse across the floor in the style of a jack russel suffering from worms.
the most annoying thing about this little twerp is that he'd probably enjoy this thread.

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