Chuck another surfer on the barbie

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. The price of sunshine. I think burning convicts could help the GDP.
  2. OK i will bite

    1. And how do you come to that conclusion? firstly the majority of aussies are not from first fleet but from the mass migration in the 20th Century. so i think you need to check your history before making your comments.

    2. I see you are still continuing to post absolute drivel. you must lead a sad individual life where you just sit at your computer all day looking at kiddie porn in between posting crap on arrse.

    3. Didnt you have a O2 tag not too long ago? I cannot believe that your O2 Tag has been reversed.

    4. Finally you sir are a CNUT. :D
  3. Goodness gracious Sir, (And I call you Sir because I try to be especially nice to the Afflicted), yes, I am foolish, yes, I am occassionally over the top, no, I have never served, but if I did I wouldn't want anyone like you near me on an op. It would cost me and people near me their lives.
  4. well you havent so how can you say you wouldnt want me near you on a OP?? Thick cnut

  5. In my alkihol fueled state (I can't lie flat without hurling, so I'm forced onto Arrse at this time in the morning) I'm going to agree with the aussie (?) above. Scroffycunt, you haven't stopped posting drivel, it's boring, moronic and doesn't have any worth. Seriously, why did you create this topic? It's fucking pointless!!!!! Please, next time you're teaching some Slovenian fella english, whilst you're marking his work, gouge your brain out your ear with your marking pen. It'll make the world a better place.
  6. One of the things that frightens me the most is the complete and utter failing to understand the English language amongst the people who allege to love England the most, innit?
  7. Do you mean aledge?? God bless your poor students, they have no hope of passing the language test if you're teaching them.
  8. anyway scroffycnut, why are you up at this time of night posting shite? are you on nights and being a billy no mates to talk to in your little guard shed on a building site for minimum wage??