Chubber admits to eating all the sausage rolls

Simple solution - cut the benefits, can't afford the sausage rolls. Job jobbed.

Oh and spend a few quid on the kid, any kid with such an ugly kipper should have a few quid spent on em.
You would need to be at the gym 3 times a week to prepare you for tackling that mess in the bedroom! Whats the chances he is either a chubby chaser or smashing some fit nubile thing in the gym showers?
When they say fitness instructor I think they mean bloke that works in local Sports Center and watch s the gym whilst scratching his balls to make sure no one is mucking about.
Good job she's sensitive about her weight. Heaven knows what she'd be like otherwise.
Her bloke looks like he has Downs. Or a brain injury of some sort.
Body issues aside, you'd think she might have some self respect and sort her hair out though.
As for hubby, I reckon he works behind the counter at the gym cafe, at best.
How very refreshing honest!

But it all boils down to this sentence at the end of the article; " I wish I could stick to diets, but some people just don’t have self- control – it’s not our fault."

"Incredibly, her husband Sean is a qualified fitness instructor who goes to the gym three times a week and ran a marathon last year".

Incredible? No. Unbeleivable? yes.

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