Chubb rub and combats.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. I've been afflicted by chubb rub now for a few exercise seasons and after trying a few things to prevent it I am wondering if anyone has any surefire methods? Have done the vasoline thing, and have tried cotton undies that go down to the mid thigh, and am currently on lycra shorts. Which seem to be good for short times but not 24/7.

    Any ideas?
  2. Vaseline. All over the, um, area. Seriously.
  3. the only thing that worked for me - in the war against ring-piece rub - was going commando. no underwear underneath CS95 trousers, no rubs - even when wet and sweaty.

    it gets my vote, good luck
  4. 'Sudafed' Cream - nappy rash stuff, seriously, it works bl00dy wonders that stuff..............
  5. This is an affliction that can carry on into Civvy strasse, and in my game is called "shopfitters ring"

    Sudacream mate.... liberally applied.

    or vaseline if not available

    i never leave home for a job without it :D
  6. Sudafed is a decongestant.... i dont think he wants to unblock his bot :D
  7. Ferk, that could have been interesting - I actually came back to edit my post and saw your's complete with correct spelling so now I wont bother, allowing everyone to see what a spanker I am. Marvelous.

    Carry on.....
  8. blah
  9. Was i the only one who thought this thread was about a certain troll :?
  10. Baby talc down your trolleys always works for me.
  11. been commando since telic... works a treat. let that chariot swing low brother.

    and avoid loose women... it maybe whats causing the itch
  12. Mycota (?) foot cream clears all, stings like fek for a while then settles down to a rather pleasent throbbing, but it does clear it right up!
  13. No mate, you wern't.
  14. this going commando technique, could there be a risk of injuries due to lack of support for ones swinging free tackle? (like groin straines, muscle pulls continualy bashed boll#x or similar?)
  15. Also going commando eventually causes the desire to don roll mats!!!

    I've tried vaseline in the past and although it is effective, I can't really see it as a long term solution. Have used sudacreme to sort out the problem never to prevent it, so may give it a go.

    Currently useing cycling shorts underneath.

    Does the foot powder work? Surely it would sting like buggery?