Chubb off the internet.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. The time has come yet again to bully Chubb aka 'kaka' off this website.

    Shes spreading across the site like a dose of syph and quite frankly, the time has come to take action. The COs have been very good of late banning the fuckwit on sight but I can imagine they are getting a little bored of doing that every 24 hours. Shes been logging into Arrse for the past 3-4 years and getting banned for the past 3-4 years. She has notched up an internet record of having somewhere in the region of 250 usernames. I get particularly bored of it constantly filling my inbox with the online equivalent of scabies. I just delete its pms without even reading them.

    At what point should someones internet activities 'reach out and touch' them into the real world?
  2. It might be you flashy, you could be schizo. Chubb and all its aliases could be your alter ego.

  3. If it was me, I'd kill myself.

    As it isn't. I'm hoping she'll do it herself.
  4. Kaka means sh!t in french
  5. Sack your French teacher. It's actually ancient Greek for 'Please stretch my colon with your gargantuan tool dear nephew'
  6. What can be done to get rid of her?
    At least LFH is on the ball and quick to let everyone know her new identity.
    I sent her a PM to politely leave. Perhaps if all arrsers did the same she may get the message

  7. Chubb means 'I'm a fucking moronic leeching cunt who needs to be shot in the face with a Spaz12 then have my rancid fat head chucked into a vat of boiling piss' in English.

    I'm led to believe she is being investigated for kiddy fiddling offences at present....allegedly.
  8. I normally send her abusive ones which ultimately always contain the words 'cunt' and something along the lines of 'show me your gaping clout'
  9. What's her username today then?

    Edit: Doh! Just saw what it was on the first line!
  10. My little truffles, I have had no activity from Nathan, Code et al for a while.

    Allegedly she is poorly, and I really feel for her. I really do.

    No really,

  11. You wanker, you never send me PMs like that.
  12. I know, but I do send ones reminding you of the fact that Papa_Lazaroo bummed you and that you like frozen sausages in your snatch.
  13. You really are upset by that sluggy.... to have to say it twice ;-)
  14. jesus............ after all these years, the 'chubb' wah is still going???

    amazing, i gotta hand it to 'ol flashy, hes ripped the piss out off people on this site with this joke for years, and they are STILL falling for it.
    get it in your heads kids - THERE IS NO CHUBB!!!!, its all made-up and you have fallen for the longest running forums joke of all time.

    *tisk. :roll:
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Just PM your favourite Mod with the latest logon and it will be flagged for deletion.