Chubb 4 Flash 4 Eva

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BPS666, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Chubb has released a heartfelt plea to the boy Flasheart

    I love Flashie

    C'mon Flashie, her hearts on her sleeve here mate
  2. Why?
  3. Your in a right nasty mood tonight BPS. You appear to have a new large wooden shite stiring spoon.
  4. It's that sexy poke of the tongue at he start isn't it? The tease!
  5. Shes lush!

    Although it does look like she's had her head trapped in a hangar door.
  6. PML.. you fcuking jack cnut, She lovingly superglued her face to her shoulder to try and give it the sexy little come to bed look and you liken her to someone who likes to fcuk about with very big slidey doors!

    Did you get to 1:50? very funny! And her dance? I did a sex wee........oh no hang on ........I just pissed myself laughing.
  7. Nice tits shame about the face...........

    Coat, taxi!!!!!!!!!
  8. Fair pair of tits, and once you get past the obvious retardyness, she probably has a lovely personality. Bad taste in music and I wouldnt boast about doing her to my normal mates. You lot are all right though
  9. I feel so guilty for laughing at that. I was just waiting for the howl "Alvin! Simon! Theodor!"

  10. I'd rather donate to the 'bury Chubbs head in a lime pit then piss on it' fund.
  11. Damn i missed it its gone
  12. It's not her fault she ain't all there Chubb's Blog. You might have at least spell checked it, you freak.
  13. Bless her and her three elbows, she's cracked on and done another one for you Flashie.

    chubb sexy dance

    you lucky lucky man!
  14. :twisted: