Chubb 4 Flash 4 Eva

Your in a right nasty mood tonight BPS. You appear to have a new large wooden shite stiring spoon.
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Shes lush!

Although it does look like she's had her head trapped in a hangar door.
PML.. you fcuking jack cnut, She lovingly superglued her face to her shoulder to try and give it the sexy little come to bed look and you liken her to someone who likes to fcuk about with very big slidey doors!

Did you get to 1:50? very funny! And her dance? I did a sex wee........oh no hang on ........I just pissed myself laughing.


War Hero
Fair pair of tits, and once you get past the obvious retardyness, she probably has a lovely personality. Bad taste in music and I wouldnt boast about doing her to my normal mates. You lot are all right though




The_Snail said:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
asacey said:
I am sure you wont mind Donating to the Chubb 4 Flash 4Eva Fund

I'd rather donate to the 'bury Chubbs head in a lime pit then piss on it' fund.

It's not her fault she ain't all there Chubb's Blog. You might have at least spell checked it, you freak.

In my own experience i was only young when like a certain young soldier my life was turned up side down was not able to lead a normal life like a abled bodied person because of the having numerous operations and my disability etc .

Thats because you're a retarded laboon licking mong with the personalities of plankton & the popularity of bLair stuck in a room full of squaddies!
Even Hanibal Lector would'nt touch you!
asacey said:
I am sure you wont mind spike Donating to the Chubb 4 Flash 4Eva Fund

Chubb. I think you are the worst person to be trying to use a military charity as a front to communicate with people on here. I will willing donate to any charity if it ensures you are permanently removed from this website (and the gene pool too if possible).

You are giving the charities a bad name and are actually harming their ability to collect money. Just stop doing it and fuck off will you?
Hopefully you will waken one morning and think to yourself 'why am i such a moronic retarded waste of skin'
Then on your way to Farmfoods, you will leap in front of the articulated lorry that is delivering the turkey twizzlers that you like to gorge on. Thus leaving your body well and truly flattened and very dead on the tarmac.
Only then will donations be made to a fund...and that fund will be to send the driver of the lorry on a fabulous all inclusive holiday in the Caribbean as a heartfelt thanks from the rest of us.
bossy, I think you'll find that Chubb is being represented by her nephew on here today;

Re: .

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 4:42 pm
From: asacey
To: The-Lord-Flasheart

flash old man you have a short memory do you reckon is on here on a saturday afternoon na na

That in itself is offensive. Chubb/Nathan appears to find it funny to use a forces charity as an 'in road' to abuse this site.

asacey said:
Flash you RETARD she never comes in the NAAFI

You're the 'retard' for pretending to be your aunty. Have you seeked medical help for your bizarre mental disorder?

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