Chron's disease and serving in the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wilkes, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, I am currently in the TA and was hoping to do Herrick 18. However, the last 3 years or so I have been getting the odd bout of chron's disease. When this occurs, the only thing that settles it down will be prednisolone for say 5 - 8 weeks at a time but then I'll be fine for another 6 months or so. Prednisolone is a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory which is prescribed to me by my GP. If I mention this during a medical, I know I will never ever get to deploy anywhere and will feel there is no point in being in the TA as Ill be stuck being a 'brew bitch'. Anyway, if I didnt mention it at chilwell and was on prednisolone at the time, are they able to find out? either by blood testing or a CDT? I am just curious. I'd take my medication with me so if the symptoms occured I'd have something to keep this problem at bay. I am a signaller so I wouldnt see myself doing war fighting unless I was sent out to a FOB or so.

    Thanks for any insight.
  2. You will not be accepted into the TA with Chron's Disease. If you fail to mention it and they later find out you will be kicked out.

    Sorry to sound harsh, but I don't want to raise your hopes.
  3. Everyone I know with Crohn's disease has been medically discharged.

    Having just completed several courses of prednisone it is not something compatible with deployability.

    I doubt you will be insured/ eligible for compensation should you be injured, lack of integrity aside.
  4. He's already in. If its developed since he joined, it sounds to me like a downgrade to non-deployable status or medical discharge. Sorry mate, but I don't think they'll take you. If you go down, you become a liability and they'll only fly you out anyway.
    Save the airmiles.
  5. That doesnt sound good at all. I'm itching to go on a tour and waited to see how this disease affected me. Since been diagnosed its flared up 3 times but been controllable. My role would be in a comms room in bastion so I wouldnt be a hassle to anyone. So you reckon I have no chance of getting though a medical by not mentioning it? Does your baggage get checked for what medication is being carried over there?
  6. Junglynx is right - I know nothing the med side of this but if, Legs is correct and Crohn's is a bar to service (let alone deployment) then this is an integrity issue pure and simple.

    The fact is that you are asking for a world of trouble if you are either injured or involved in any kind of incident where you condition could be argued to have been a contributing factor.
  7. Being hassle to anyone is not really the issue. If you get injured on tour and it transpires that you have a declarable pre-existing condition that you have not disclosed, you risk forgoing any payment due from the AF compensation scheme or PAX. If you were to snuff it you might even find life insurance is invalidated.

    As I said before you are also opening yourself up to potential liability for any other incidents that you be involved in where other people are injured.
  8. Are you capable of doing your job with your trousers around your ankles and doubled up with pain? If answer yes, then bluff it.
    If answer 'no' (Which is clearly correct,) then no.
    However you look at it, you are going to be a liability , not an asset.
  9. I certainly dont bend double in pain and feel that I can cope. Its not the most serious case I have but knowing my luck it'd hit me twice as hard out there.
  10. Don't do it mate.

    Think of how many people you will burden if it flares up.

    How will you justify it to them?
  11. I sympathise. I've also had gut trouble in the past, but you've just made my point. 'With your luck' if it does come back and drops you, it's not just you-You've filled the place of a bloke who WOULDN'T have gone down, despite knowing that you might.

    Ask yourself if your mates would thank you for going if you got medivac'ed and left them pulling double shifts?
  12. What happens if you deploy with your undeclared serious medical condition and are then redeployed to a FOB. It then flares up and someone is injured or killed during your casevac. How would you feel then? I do sympathise but feel you are being a bit selfish and self - indulgent.
  13. Guys, thanks for your thoughts. I will certainly take them away and think about it. I feel that I have coped quiite well with it since my diagnosis and managed overseas field firing exercises etc without a glitch. But you are right, I'd hate to be a burden on anyone out there and would hate for me to cause the death or injury of someone if it did flare up badly and I ended up monging it on the ground in a fob if I got sent to one. Mmmmm what about Op Tosca? I have been determined to do a tour, would that be a safer option? Not only for me but my comrades?
  14. Not up to us. The only one to make that decision is your MO.
  15. I missed the fact that you were serving, for which I apologise. However, you still have what I'm pretty sure is a condition debarring you from service. You are obliged to report it to your Medical Chain. You will be in serious shit if you get taken ill and it is found that you knew about this condition and failed to report it.
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