Chronicles of war in Ukraine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Domovoy, May 9, 2014.

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  1. A bit more on this, it basically says pretty much the same as above:

    Fake: Russia – Top Importer of Ukrainian Arms

    but the NY Times ran a story about the Stopfake organisation:
  2. It could be a number of years yet and the wall needs to go up first.

    Missing: Donald Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan
  3. Has anyone had any dealings with a "journo" called Graham W Phillips. Seems unhinged. He says he wants to do what he calls a reportage on myself and my business as he claims I've made death threats to him and criticised his backing of seperatists. Bonkers. Must be quiet in Donbass if he needs to do this

    The Truth Speaker.
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  4. He has done many films and collected money for the Donbass side in London.

    He is a typical Stalin useful idiot and his ability to put time in the right order can't help his argument.
    Even Chuckling Vlad said he sent troops in before the referendum.
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  5. If you google his videos he was reporting from the "Russian" side early on in the conflict. Reporting as in propaganda.

    Soz, missed offog's post.
  6. Ukraine asks UN judges to order Russia to stop aiding rebels
    Ukraine before the UN's highest Court asking for an order to stop Russia funding the rebels:
    E2A: Russia urges restraint after North Korean missile tests
    The same country that was upset when Ukraine was test firing missiles near Crimea? Funny how those double standards apply when the missiles are unlikely to end up in 'your' territory:
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  7. Russia expands military transport fleet to move troops long distances
    Beefing up the naval transport fleet. Whatever happened to those Mistrals? (rhetorical, still in Egypt despite Polish claims of being sold):
  8. U.S. general says Russia deploys cruise missile, threatens NATO
    General Selva, Vice Chair JCOS on alleged Russian deployment of SSC-8 cruise missiles and breaking of the INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces) Treaty:
  9. Was Russian whistleblower murdered in UK with poisoned soup?
    PII immunity in the case of the death of Perepillichny has been overturned as "The material to which PII attaches is the government answer to specific questions about threats to Mr Perepilichny's life, third party involvement in the death and his contact with certain individuals,"

    He was a Russian mafia whistleblower who died in Surrey in 2012:
    E2A: EU prolongs until September blacklist of Russians over Ukraine crisis
    EU extend the 'blacklist' of Russian individuals and companies which have been involved with the annexation of Crimea until September
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  10. Moscow moves to absorb rebel Georgian region's military
    Dotting the i's and crossing the t's. S Ossetia now pretty much part of the Soviet Union Russia:
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  11. Disappearing books - How Russia is shuttering its Ukrainian library
    Russia rewriting history again? Or storm in a teacup?
    Ukraine halts all cargo traffic with separatist-held territory
    Ukraine stopping all cargo traffic going to the separatist areas. Looks like the political agitation is increasing since Trump came to power. Both sides agitating. Will there be a winner?:
  12. U.S. indicts Russian spies, hackers over massive Yahoo hack
    Russian hackers. Yahoo allege it was state sponsored. Whatever next? :rolleyes: Still, I'm sure the Russians will allow their citizens to be sent to the US for trial. After all, there is/will be a new understanding:
  13. That's weird, thought I had posted this early doors today? BTR-3DA,

    Thai Army have bought the version with missiles on the turret, Ukraine forces don't have that luxury.