Chronicles of war in Ukraine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Domovoy, May 9, 2014.

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  1. Tillerson says U.S. expects Russia to meet Ukraine commitments
    Lavrov and Tillerson meet. Expects Moscow to comply with Minsk 2. In other news Hezbollah (I know but bear with me) are not happy with the US re Israel, so bearing in mind Russia and Iran and Hezbollah are as one in Syria, where exactly is this Russian 'cooperation' going to take place?
    E2A: Trump's defence chief sees no military collaboration with Russia
    Mattis doesn't see any kind of military cooperation with Russia taking place in the near future. He also believes the reports on Russian interference in the |US elections. Tillerson and Lavrov as above, plus General Dunford, (Chair JCoS) met Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov in Azerbaijan:
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  2. UN 'stunned' at sudden death of Russian envoy
    Russian Ambassador to the UN has died unexpectedly just before his 65th birthday.
    Russia 'linked' to coup plot in Montenegro
    Russian involvement in the Montenegro attempted coup is suspected:
    General known for sharp questions will be Trump's new top security adviser
    The new NSA for the US on Russia:
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  3. Украинский военный экспорт в Россию вырос почти в два раза | Журналистская Правда
    It appears that military related Ukrainian export to Russia now is bigger than in times of pres.Yanukovich.
    Total amount is
    2014 - $150 mln.
    2015 - $98 mln.
    2016 - $160 mln.
    Ukraine supplies engines (AI-222) for this plane - Yak-130, developed to train military pilots
    The plane can be used as light bomber as well.
    The article refers to data published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
    The main benefactor is an owner of the plant in the city of Zaporozhye - mr.Boguslayev - an MP decorated by order 'Hero of Ukraine'.
  4. Interesting.

    However, I note that in the article there's no actual link to the report nor the title of it or publication.

    A quick search on the SIPRI website doesn's turn anything up as well.

    So, given the reputation of some Russian news sources, and the tone of the article, I think it's fake news until you can show evidence.
  5. SIPRI site is very simple to use
    Trade Registers
    You add suppliers(s), recipient(s), add years and a file in MS Word format is generated automatically.
    Let's enter Ukraine as a supplier, Russia as a recipient and 2016 as a year.
    We see that indeed acording to SIPRI AI-222 engines for Yak-130 were ordered in 2006. Number delivered/produced 164. Years of delivery 2009-2016. One could expect 2009-2014 but we see namely 2009-2016.
    Also the file contains information about other weapons supplies but most of them contain note - 'cancelled due to war in Ukraine'. But as to AI-222 engines then there is no such a note.
    Though it looks rather as a technical mistake. I also was surprised to see such a claim - that Ukraine still sells Russia engines for military planes.
    "Укроборонпром" и "Мотор Сич" ответили на обвинения о возможных поставках оружия в Россию
    According to this Ukrainian source, Ukrainian government and state-run corporation Ukroboronprom denies any supplies of military hardware to Russia. Motor Sich corporation that produced AI-222 engines also denies such supplies. It's representatives said that Russia itself produces AI-222-25 engines from 2015 and doesn't need any supplies from Ukraine.
    However, there is a tricky phrase in the article
  6. Russia sets up information warfare units - defence minister
    More 'fake news?' "Propaganda must be smart, competent and effective," the TASS news agency quoted Shoigu as saying. P45s for the current crop of trolls and 'useful idiots?'
  7. Yes, I can see the parts listed in the SIPRI schedule, although I note that Ukraine is listed as a Licensor, not Supplier. And on the download I received, what is actually written about the AI-222 engines is:


    L: Ukraine (218) AI-222 Turbofan 2006 2009-2016 (164) For 109 Yak-130 trainer/combat aircraft produced in Russia 2009-2018 (but engines probably all delivered to Russian producer of aircraft before Ukraine stopped exports to Russia in 2014 or produced in Russia from 2015)

    Which is a bit different from the story.
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  8. What might be more interesting is whether the servicing of the engines can be done in Russia, in the absence of manufacturers support.
    If not, then the aircraft will be something of a liabilty than an asset.
  9. Let's hope they become a liability and stay grounded. Though if it seems they're produced in Russia under licence (i'm not quite sure if that's what the SIPRI entry means) then they may be able to support them with their own manufacturing facilties.
  10. If Russia is producing engines that were originally designed and made in the Ukraine would this not be a copyright issue? I have this perception that most of the Russian technical engine research was Ukrainian as well as the engine production. One of the KGDs pointed out some years ago that they were building a new engine factory in St Petersburg to replace lost/cut off production from Ukraine.

  11. I imagine it would be difficult to find a court that the Russians would take any notice of.
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  12. Only to dismiss "allegations" against themselves, or put on show trials for enemies of the Putin.
  13. I thought it was supposed to be the EU's fault for supposedly trying to get Ukraine into the EU