Chronicles of war in Ukraine

KGB_resident also forgot not murdering Ukraine's citizens, especially little kids & their mothers.
I hope the ******* get around to slotting Maple soon.
old, nothing new.

The Canooks had a tracked version 70 odd years ago.

News conference it would seem given on Monday by Russian MOD. It may have been an attempt to deflect attention. On one of the slides it has 24 ***** 18

*some foreign gibberish. How do they expect to be taken seriously if they don't write or speak in English!

Russia claims Ukraine shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Russia claims it was really Ukraine who shot down jet over war zone
I'm glad they cleared that up. Although I think I remember it was proved that the shantel came from a missile that had not been sold to the Ukrainians.

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