Chronicles of war in Ukraine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Domovoy, May 9, 2014.

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  1. I will continue from a previous thread.

    Today (09.05.2014) in Mariupol started with a peaceful demonstration in commemoration of the Victory against Nazism in 1945.

    About 12:10 junta forces attempted to take police HQ and arrest policemen who refused to obey Kiev orders and took the side of the people. Locals started coming towards police HQ in support of their policemen. Junta brought in tanks and BMPs and begun shooting at unarmed bystanders. People went against tanks trying to protect police and their city; they were shouting to ukr. forces calling them "fascists" and telling them to go back to Kiev.



    This is police HQ after junta finished with it

    By 15:00 people started building barricades.

    Over 20 people, including policemen were murdered by junta in Mariupol so far.

    Slaviansk and Donetsk sent help to Mariupol: after Victory parade held in those cities, Donbass Army units left straight for Mariupol. This video is from Donetsk

    Junta forces are leaving the city

    21:00 Mariupol is under people's control.
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  2. Bummer really.
    Let them get on with it.
  3. It's certainly odd that Hague. O'barner, Merkel etc are uncharacteristically quiet when a "group" overthrow the elected government in a country, install themselves as the new government without elections, then direct the army to use lethal force against citizens who might not agree with the aforementioned process. Very odd indeed.
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  4. Interesting; quite a few people involved in this and does seem to be a degree of popular support for the separatist cause (at least within camera span - no clue as to the wider picture).

    From what you show, it appears that the Army presence in Mariupol was restricted to about a motor rifle platoon in BMP. Someone then sent them on "Op Certain Death" to retake the police station, but they were ambushed by the separatists just shy of it. BMPs hunker down and eventually bugger off at high speed before they are trapped in the city centre at night. I did note that on the escape clip you showed none of the BMP attempted to fire on the crowd, but one lad was holding what appeared to be an empty 30mm case, suggesting at some stage cannon fire was used.

    I wouldn't say "murdered" though - it seemed to be a two sided gun battle which appeared to start when the troops dismounted from the BMP at the Police station - the Army just had more firepower. I'd also say that the boys in the BMP would have been terrified of an RPG strike, hence the velocity at which they bugged out. In the final analysis though, it does look like the locals carried the day....

    Do you have the locations these videos were taken on a map Dom...?
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  5. My favourite euphemism of the conflict to date has been the Kiev mob complaining that their forces are unreliable; this is, they don't brass up civvies like they ought to.

    And, of course, this is all against a background of the Russian hordes sat round doing nothing while Crimea is all sweetness and light. The butchers bill for the takeover was less than a typical Saturday night in most places.

    Surreal doesn't start to cover it.
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  6. Couldn't find anyone to fight. The Ukrainians surrendered faster than an Italian tank crew with a dodgy gear box and no diesel.
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  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they don't seem to have much of a grasp of soft power do they, must be those EU/US advisors. can they not get a rush purchase of reaper drones shoved through the senate using some of that imf money?
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  8. It's a shame and a tragedy that people are dying because, it seems to me, that some in the 'separatist' camp wish to continue the conflict.

    And as Mediaeval pointed out the troops weren't shooting up the civilians willy nilly.

    In contrast, victory day celebrations went off relatively peacefully in that hot bed city of fascism that is Lviv.

    There were some hot heads trying to disrupt it but the police kept them back.
  9. Actually, there were two ukr. drones over Slaviansk and Donetsk...
  10. Spoke to my relatives in Mariupol. Their city was the only one whose local government decided they are not going to arm their militia and will try to do everything peacefully.

    Now, they have learned their lesson. Junta forces were shooting randomly at people, at public transport killing passengers...

    One of my cousins is/was a policeman. He told me that in the morning they received an order from Avakov (junta minister of internal affairs): there are Russian terrorists among the veterans on parade, police should disperse parade and shoot to kill all those who will cause trouble. Policemen stood up and left. Some, my cousin including, went straight home, others stopped at their desks for a while. And that's when ukr. national guard was sent in to punish police for disobeying the orders.

    When the shooting started and the National Guard brought in the tanks and BMTs locals (UNARMED!!!) went to help their policemen and also came under fire...

    On the 4-th or 5-th of May I posted a video of Timoshenko giving instructions in Odessa on May the 3-d:
    0:56 "... in order to stir up Odessa, veteran's need to be attacked, people whom we place among veterans." Considering that Avakov is part of her team, it looks like they attempted to play their scenario in Mariupol instead.

    Btw., that video was taken down by youtube few hours after it appeared; last night someone posted it again, and today it was deleted by youtube...
  11. Few nights ago near Slaviansk militia was puzzled by a frenzied activity in one of the sectors controlled by ukr. army. This video explained it: from 1:20 soldiers are shouting to each other "what are you doing? war imitation; will use all ammunition and leave..." And grateful locals are inviting them for a visit when the war is over. Soldiers are telling locals that it's the Right Sector who is creating provocations in attempt to make army kill civilians.

  12. Victory Day in Donetsk



  13. Domovoy,

    Thank you for the video clips and commentary.

    Please use the correct terminology.

    There is no junta in Kyiv.

    The interim governmnent i Kyiv is not a junta.
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