Chronic ankle ache

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Swamp_Rat, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. About twenty years ago I was coming down the stairs carrying one of the kids in the dark and misjudged the bottom step.

    I twisted my ankle and it was really painful.

    Since then it's given me gip and especially when it's damp or cold weather.

    My question is; is it possible for this to have turned to arthritis over the years, and what would you suggest to relieve the pain. I don't like taking pills. A tubigrip helps to keep it warm but the pain is still there.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I would defo seek the advice of a good sports doc you may well of chipped a bone in the ankle or done some damage to the joint which is causing pain. you need to have it x-rayed.

  3. I was considering getting an Xray done, just to satisfy my curiosity. I mean whatever damage was done surely should have cured by now. Thanks Steve I appreciate your time.
  4. I would go to the doctor it might be something small which can be sorted by treatment or as you say arthritis. Plus your doctor can get you in for a x-ray.

    But to think i have a mate who fell on his hip at about 18. He's now 23, When we were out training it was cold and damp he had the same problem. He went to his doctor and was told to take Glucosamine Sulphate and since hes been taking it he's not complained of pain. But don't take this as a fix its worked for him.
  5. Have a look at the old man's knees thread on the TA forum, there's a whole discussion about Glucosamine going on...
  6. Having been suffering myself for sometime, I finally gave in and went to the doc. She referred me to a physio, who spent a lot of time with me assessing the problem. The physio finally came up with a diagnosis that neither I or the Doc had come up with.

    Treatment has started already and I have seen a marked difference. I suppose what I'm really saying is get a referral and consult a professional, the old two Brufen and rest for a week days are long over.
  7. You need to go and see your doc. Chronically unstable ankles arise usually from one initial injury (i.e. big twists), and do have potential to cause earlier arthritis. It's easy enough to check stability - if unsure, it can be done under anaesthesia which is actually often a better result. Arthritic changes will also show up on X ray, so first stop is GP's for X ray.
  8. It looks like you have got a fructure .If you go to see your GP.he/she will make an appointment for you to go and see an Orthopaedics consultant who will request an X-Ray taken on the affected ankle.If you twisted your ankle more than 5 years ago and you are still having pains, then there is no doubt that something needs to be done ASAP.If there is a fructure, they will either do what is called Metal plating or IM nailing .After a certain period of time , they will remove them and that fructure would have stabilised
  9. No Snoopp, it looks like an unstable ankle, cf. the previous post.

    Worst case surgery likely to be reconstruction of the ligaments around the ankle, but a few things to look at before then.

    Get a plain film and a referral into the beautiful world of orthopaedics and someone will see you right!

    (PS in a position to know what I'm talking about)
  10. I twisted my ankle pished once, will it haunt me in later life?
  11. its FRACTURE and you are talking bollox
  12. Who said diplomacy was dead lol

    I've missed you, BB! Not heard from you since the WA07 thread! What you been up to, you funny thing you?