chrones disease

i been diagnosed with chrones disease, and now downgraded to p7, and im worried they will throw me out .will i be entitled to any pension or lump sum .i have been in 12 yrs at the rank of corporal.
A lad I used to work with was diagnosed a couple of years ago. He was medically discharged on a war pension. He was a WO2 at his 20 year point. This was 6 months ago.
Not trying to be a smartarse here but its Crohn's Disease.

Spelling it correctly is going to help if you need to fill in forms and such.

And my sympathies.
Hi there.

As far as I know you should get a service invaliding pension. If you do some digging on google you will find some info both from the MOD and from forums. Keep your chin up and get as much info as you can about the crohn's disease from reputable websites. If you do get MD'd box clever with resettlement and stay positive.

Also if I was you I'd be up front with your MO/UAO and find out what is what through offical lines. Speak to people in the know as this is something they should take seriously.


never listend at school sorry for the spelling,
thanks for the rest of the posts ill do some more digingg about.(digging ).
That is a tough diagnosis. i think you will be discharged but to be honest you will not enjoy service life as a sufferer. A friend of mine's wife was in the RAf and she had a prettty REMF trade but she was too sick even for that trade and got pensioned off.

Hard lines buddy.
thats it see i got infantry in my blood and to end up a remf is gonna destroy me. and probably been thrown out would be better ,but hope i get my pension or some sort of pay out.
But equally I have come across two individuals with Crohns disease who were not discharged. One went on to complete a 22 year career and the other is still serving; albeit at P7. So I suppose a lot of it will depend on the severity of your condition.

Having said that, all the best for the future.

Archimedes said: might find:

a useful site if you've not come across it yet; Mrs Archi suffers from the condition (controlled by medication) and found the site helpful when first diagnosed.
Seconded, for the same reason.
NACC are a very good organisation, and should have a local group near you. Alternatively, they offer a telephone counselling service, 'NACC-in-Contact' which may be of some use to you.

On a less positive note, the only serving person I know who was diagnosed with Crohn's was given a medical discharge, even though he did not have a particularly severe case.


As above, your discharge will depend on how physically you are affected by it. I have Crohns, I have an iliostomy (Look it up) a a consequence of Crohns, however that can be reversed and hopefully will be soon. If you want a chat with someone who also has this disease or if I can answer any question you might have, PM me, I'll be glad to help.

Keep an open mind on this, it may turn out ok, but with 12 years in you can't be much over 30 so it's not the end of the world, civvie life may not be what you want, but you can still live your life to the fullest after the Military. Good luck matey.
Hello mate. I was diagnosed with Crohns last year, almost killed me but here i am.....standing tall and enjoying life again. I was misdiagnosed for 2 years with IBS....luckily i took myself to Hospital and had the life saving operation, i had an Ileostomy Bag for 6 already been said its not the end of the world. I am still serving. I am a WO2 and have served 22 years. I am due to be assessed by the Army Occupational Health Board soon and will let you know i get on. I am due to move in March 2011 for my last 2 years and i am currently at P7 also. i am in an Instructional post at the moment so i am non deployable. If you want any info drop me an e-mail mate. Go to the NACC page, they are extremely helpful. You will find more people out there with Crohns who are still in. It can be nasty mate but its not the end of the world as long as you are willing to change your lifestyle.

All the best mate and stay lucky.
sorry to interrupt on someone elses thread,

I attempted to join the regs a year and a half ago. And failed because I also have crohn's, I've heard the t.a's medical is alot easier, although I'm not to sure.

If any one could give me any info on joining the t.a with crohn's I would greatly appreciate it. I was totally gutted when I found I couldn't join up.

I'm in the acf ( awaits slagging) just now, but no matter how hard I try, I never seem be able to get any where with this.

I know it would make more sense to go to my local unit and ask but I just cant bring myself to do it because I'm 90% sure I would be an instant fail.

again, any info would be greatly appreciated.

cheers, amanda.

I worked for a pharmaceutical company a few years ago that was working on some wonder drug for Crohns disease, it was called Remicade, maybe try and google it, the company I worked for was R and D and so it may not have made it to the market, but its worth a shot. The company was called Chiroscience. It was supposed to be taken regularly so a residual amount was in the system and it prevented "attacks" and inflammation.
I had remicade.....didnt work for me at all, although I know a girl who it did wonders for.

I'm on humira just now, wondering if an internal puch would enable me to join, even if I do highly doubt it.

Just wish there was some sort of job I could do.

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