Christopher Steele


More info coming out about Steele's primary subsource (hic), from a newly declassified (hic) FBI report (hint: he's a drunk Russian):

Journalist Paul Sperry said:
A newly declassified FBI summary of the FBI-Danchenko meeting reveals agents learned that key allegations in the dossier, which claimed Trump engaged in a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” with the Kremlin against Clinton, were largely inspired by gossip and bar talk among Danchenko and his drinking buddies, most of whom were childhood friends from Russia.


This Fox News opinion piece tears Christopher Steele to shreds:

The primary sub-source is confirmed as Igor Danchenko - a Ukrainian-born resident of the United States who worked as a senior research analyst for the Washington, D.C. liberal think tank, Brookings Institution.

This was my favourite quote:
Fox News said:
When the dossier was invented in 2016, the president of Brookings was Strobe Talbott, a long-time friend and ally of Hillary Clinton. Her campaign provided the cash for the phony document that was composed by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.
Until I got to this bit:
Fox News said:
Anyone with half a brain who actually read the dossier when BuzzFeed published it on January 10, 2017 knew immediately that it was a work of fiction. It read like a horribly written spy novel. It was truly laughable.
Have done the easy rice recipe a few times now, turned out great every time :)
"Christopher Steele, 59, told Mr Justice Warby he took great care to ensure intelligence was handled and communicated carefully."

His dossier was published by buzzfeed 'news' FFS
I hope they put something like this in the next James Bond movie, just for realism... :rofl:
And did not say that he took any care to ensure "intelligence" was actually factual.


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MI7 is the new MI5/6.


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If you like the crispy bits Gladys you should try a Persian Tahdig. Fluffy rice and butter baked in a pot. Comes out with a lovely golden crust of well cooked crispy rice.
Ah you see now this is what ARRSE is really for. Thanks to @Tedsson, finally, after 40-plus years, I know the proper name for the stuff we used to eat in Iran that my mother would only ever call "crunchy-bum rice".
Ah you see now this is what ARRSE is really for. Thanks to @Tedsson, finally, after 40-plus years, I know the proper name for the stuff we used to eat in Iran that my mother would only ever call "crunchy-bum rice".
I prefer Mother Zhopas name for it.


What do people think would go best with this? Rice, chips or popcorn?

A "Letter Of Request For International Judicial Assistance" published today, 4th August

United States District Court For The District Of Columbia said:
the request seeks the oral testimony of Christopher Steele, Christopher Burrows, Edward Baumgartner, and Sir Andrew Wood and the production of documentary evidence from Mr. Steele, Mr. Baumgartner, Sir Andrew Wood, and Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd.



Former MI6 agent says it's all Buzzfeed news's fault - not very James Bond is it

Mr. Steele’s defense is that BuzzFeed published the December 2016 memo, along with the entire dossier, without his knowledge. His lawyer, Gavin Millar, blames David J. Kramer, an associate of the late Sen. John McCain. During the winter holidays, Mr. Kramer met with BuzzFeed reporter Ken Bensinger, who photographed each page of the dossier after Mr. Kramer had left the room. The dossier was posted on Jan. 10, 2017, prompting Mr. Steele into hiding and disrupting Donald Trump’s transition and presidency.
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This thread is becoming a fine example of why British security services are washed up - a global joke

Bond had disarming charm contrasting the reality that is Christopher Steele with his silly grin

Fictional Bond never made the press (the grey man) contrasting to 'Christopher Steele' searches on twitter revealing he is the original Johnny English in America's eyes

Bond always won with style where as Steele is receiving the proverbial kicking of a life time

Bond has gorgeous female assistants whilst Christopher Steele only has Hilary Clinton & the office intern on his side

Bond had highly skilled allies that could get him out of a tight spot as opposed to Christopher Steele's army of washed-up, over the hill, half drunk (and full drunk) arrses

More nonsensical replies will only strengthen my reason for starting the thread - to confirm that the Special Relationship is dead & it was Steele what killed it

I can't wait for November 3rd, although there's a political bombshell due Oct 15 too, so remember to look out for that one my minions & I'll explain the implications to you in a highly arrogant, self-congratulatory, don't you feel stupid now? type of post (I can't wait!) :p

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