Christopher Robin - Where Are You


Isn't it about time that you started to reel off pages of drivel that no-one will read?

Get With The Plot.

Ahhhh - are you missing him? Thought the idea of this site was to get away from the mindless drivel? DOH! ::)
Hey what's the fuss?  You guys know I'm never too far away...

...although occasionally it isn't far enough...Perhaps it'll be further when I take my the RAF!!!!!

....and then you'll be sorry. ;D
Well about time too. I thourght Lord Flashart and myself were going to have to write all the drivel ourselves.

Where have you been slacker?

Is that desk too big for you to get round or was that round too big for you to get to your desk?

So when are you joining the sideways flying club?


Hello Mate, I'm having a Crabtastic time up here in the sunny East Midlands.  Late starts, early finishes and loads of flying in between ... I'd recommend it to anyone!

Say hi to the Missus for me (and the Bears next time you see them).

Are you going to the Corps Dinner Night this year?  I'll have to miss it as I have my IHT about that time (yep, I know this far in advance).

Open invitation to all who know me to pop in and stay for as long as you like.  There are loads of good reasons, not the least of which is that this place is packed with totty.

Best Wishes,

;D Good to hear that, and please give me a call as I have lots to tell you and have only your old number!  Life, career (sorry I mean my future) and more.

I will see you there in May too! days in this Corps could be numbered.  Move over crabs - lynx pilot coming through!

Onya - don't talk to me about my desk - I really am at the end of my tether.  I haven't been this bored since o-level latin.

ps - Corps dinner night - Affirm - please tell me you can make it - it'll be a laugh - stay with us if you like.


Anzio? When??..............................................................Oh no, that's right, I'm not allowed to go am I? Not grown up enough or something!!!!!
CR _ I thought you had decided not to come this way. Where will you go, to those other orrible plastic French things? Mark, I missed you in your visit over here last year, shame. Fancied a few beers and catch-up! Take care.

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