Christopher Hitchens has popped his clogs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sangreal, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Didn't like his politics, but at least he was readable, and changed his viewpoint from time to time, a rarity in lefties.

    I like Richard Dawkins comment that he stood up to all tyrants, including God, implying that he does exist, it being hard to stand up against a non-existent entity, or were they like Don Quixote, tilting against windmills?

    His brother's column should be interesting.
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  2. Who?
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  3. Who the hell was this non-entity? The BBC is going on as if he were Paul McCartney.

    From what the BEEB keep sayin about him, he was a drug-addicted, alcoholic, chain smokin,
    writer who stated the bleedin obvious about god, life and death.

    Obviously a character we should emulate!

    I couldn't say good-riddance because I had never heard of him.
  4. One of the greatest writers and orators of our generation.

    Not one for the RIP threads, however, I'll make an exception for 'The Hitch'.
    Met him twice and wasn't disappointed.

    He introduced me to several prominent Kurds, and their plight, and now spend a considerable amount of my working life in Kurdistan.
    His demise is very, very sad, but not a surprise.

    For the uninitiated have a look at one of his lesser known speeches.

    Christopher Hitchens -- Free Speech Part 1 - YouTube

    It's about 20 mins, but make time to see it through

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  5. Shows how shite your 'generation' was then
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  6. Hey, I'm entitled to my opinion as you are to yours.
    I'm sure Christopher Hitchens is turning in his grave (morgue) with a rapier wit like you around.
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  7. ........which would come as something of a surprise to the mortuary attendant.

    As indeed it would to Hitchens when, having breathed his last, the Almighty whispered into his ear, 'So-you reckon that I don't exist, then?'
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  8. Or maybe not.
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  9. ...........or maybe it is still possible to shit yourself in the afterlife, when you realise that you'd got it wrong and for so long.
  10. Nah.
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  11. This

    "Radicalised by the 1960s, Hitchens was often arrested at political rallies and was kicked out of the Labour Party over his opposition to the Vietnam War.

    He became a correspondent for the Socialist Workers Party's International Socialism magazine."

    would be enough to get the BEEB to nominate him for sainthood!
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  12. Peter Cook..!!..?? he's been long gone...
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