Christmas Tree and other RAF-sponsored memorabilia

My attention has been drawn to this on PPRuNe and I couldn't resist the temptation to pass it on:

I can't believe it's not on aarse yet but it's only a matter of time and then gentlemen, that's it, endex, 90 years building up habits whilst the other 2 services sat and waited, knowing that give us enough rope...... and we did it!!!

There will AAC Cols at this very moment argueing over Benson, Odiham and Lyneham whilst the Snr Service are all diverting sea jets to Yeovilton and phoning Pickfords from vass. There will be RAF Sqns receiving these at Christmas from the other services and i'm sure their regimental funds will only too happy to pay.

Whoever approved this must be vv fed up with the RAF or from the Luftwaffe, RN or AAC or UNBELIEVABLY STUPID and must be outed, named, shamed and then shot and then shot again

DummyRun of to get a light blue beret and L/Cpl tapes.......
The cause? See Air Tree - Heroes Of The Sky - Air Tree - Heroes Of The Sky - The Bradford Group UK - Online Shop.

In your own time, commence.

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