Christmas Telly

So what are people looking forward to?.. I've already booked my telly seat for the 39 steps.
You need to book a telly seat in your own home?? Be a man, and grow a pair.

I'm looking forwards to missing as much TV as possible, as it's the party season. Credit crunch....shmedit smunsh, I'm having fun!!
I'm sure Noel Edmunds will have me crying like a baby as usual. Aside of that, I'll probably be playing superBomberman on the SNES and drinking heavily 8)
there will be the usual naff films like wizard of oz and jason and the arrsernaughts
Christmas TV is supposed to be shite, it's all part of the festive magic.

No idea what the excuse is the rest of the year...
Fcuk telly I'm getting pissed! There's nothing like waking up on Christmas wanting to die from your hangover and telling your family to fcuk off when its time to open pressies!
The Great Escape starring Golden Brown as Call Me Dave screws up his party's chances of being erected.

The Wizard Of Oz in which Dame Edna Everready shines some light on some of life's great mysteries.

The Loan Arranger, the cowboy programme which shows where people should go to get more readies.

Some Like It Hot - the Global Warming myth exposed as just more hot air.

Nurse, the blue pills if you please! :lol:
Muppets Christmas Carol is always a winner tbh. That and Scrooged with Bill Murray.
Got the Crimbo TV mag (I fkn hate Crimbo) but not checked it out yet.

I will definately be watching "The Man Who Would Be King" next week though!! :D :D

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