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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gmonster, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. Come on then Guys and Gals.

    Christmas didnt bring everyone what they wanted, and you know that the unwanted article will still be mooching around the house next year so get it swapped on here.

    Anybody fancy a pair of "little Britain Ankle Socks" or a Clint Eastwood "Hang em high DVD?
  2. i got a fiver complete with xmas card, will swap for a twenty and no card
  3. I am sick of getting chocy-selection boxes, full of chocy so any one want to swap a cadbury's one for a nestle one?
  4. Nice to see that all my family bought me wines and spirits.........Bastards failed to notice that I stopped drinking almost a year ago.

    If anyone wants to swap wine for pop give me a PM. failing that I could kill all my family and give them a PM ( medical pun)
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    medman - in light of your pressies may I suggest that when you are out with the family you don't go near cliff edges, railway station platform edges, try any mushrooms they have pickled in the fields for you and I would suggest that you employ a food taster. Check where your insurance pollies are and who benefits from your pension. Stay away from them.
  6. AWWW bless your little cotton ones...trying to keep me from harm. Thanks auld yin
  7. Rather thatn swapping it just kill your family as you said and save it for the wake it would save you a fortune and well, it would be very ironic.
  8. lmao only on arrse could you hear such a thing on christmas! well done keep it up
  9. Symptoms: Large sub-dural haematoma, anterior dislocation of the liver, tension pneomothorax.

    Cause of death: Too much blood in the alcohol system :D:D


    Injury suggestions courtesy of too many episodes of Casualty and ER!

    Please anyone need ten thousand pairs.
  11. I received a gift from the DEVIL - Jeans de Nim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I ain't swapping them with anybody :D

    CSM if you are reading this I am so very, very sorry but Abs has gone over to the dark side!
  12. I got the fecking complete telegraph sOdku pack .. five fecking books!!!!!!!! i wil be there all year!! any swappers???
  13. Oh my god, how sad.

    You will be there till next trying to complete that lot.

    COME ON YOU LOT ANY TAKERS!!! (Hang Em High DVD-- Little Britain Ancle Socks) ill even throw in a caburys selection box thats been to near a radiator.
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    I got 15 Christmas cards and a cold............any takers for a swap?
  15. i got ... nothing, yes i got absolutely nothing. i have no family at home or fcuk all! anyone willing to swap nothing for something?!

    (last time i swapped nothing for something i got chlymidia so dont even try it wise asses!)

    2005: worst xmas ever