Christmas stuff in the shops

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PotYos, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. About a week ago I was shopping in Morrisons and saw the first Christmas themed selection boxes on display. I tutted and went about my business as normal. Now, there are three or four shops with Christmas tat on their shelves. FFS summer only finished a few weeks ago.

    Christmas shopping should only be done on days with Christmas in them.

    Rant over//
  2. What is christmas? I'm a muslim.
  3. Yet again your username applies… :roll:
  4. Never mind Christmas, I have just heard the first fireworks of the year. FFS it not even October yet.

    I notice the Christmas Toys adverts are full swing between the children's programs as well...
  5. Yet again, you respond.
  6. For the record i'm atheist, but that doesn't preclude a knowledge of several religions.

    Then again perhaps ignorance is bliss?
  8. Think yourself lucky - the Morrissons branch in my area had the first Christmas stuff on sale before the kids went back to school. I'm watching for the first Easter Eggs, any bets on whether or not they'll be on sale before 25th December?
  9. Asda are the same, xmas shite on the shelfs next to the halloween gash.
  10. ASDA..can't beat them for bandwagon jumping....never ceases to amaze me the revolving 'seasonal' pallet of sh1te always rammed against the front doors.

    The only avenue they haven't exploited is the non- christian / pagan religions..maybe they'll have an Islamic fundamentalist special offer week ..and empty all the shelves of food at Ramadam?.....'ASDA ROLLING BACK PRICES TO THE STONE AGE'
  11. There should be a law brought in, no Christmas stuff in the shops until 1st December, it's bloody depressing seeing it all so soon.
  12. Harrods (and Selfridges?) had decorated their store in Christmas pith whilst we were basking in the swelting mid-August :? I'm sure another store started theirs earlier in the month too. :roll: