Christmas spending

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_Blighty, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. Am I being a tight git or what ?

    Mrs MB has spent about 150 quid on Miss MB this christmas and I think that is too much (She is only 3), I think she is being spoiled.

    How much have you spent on rug rats this year?
  2. I think you are just about on the upper level of my idea of spending. I try to limit the spend to about £100 on each of them, less if possible. But then I have got 4 of them to buy for!! 8O
  3. I think you needed to invest in some condoms mate :lol:

    I just think, when added to the presents from grandparents, other familiy members and friends it is just too much.

    When I w'er a lad etc... :roll:
  4. So your solution is.... just let grandparents, other familiy members and friends buy the presents. I wish!!
  5. £150 8O

    Holy crap, to many toys, to many things to do. I suspect little un will want to play with everything at once which just produces a sensory overload and then a tantrum. If you spend that much on your kids now what will they expect when they are Teens.

    Heres my Plan, if I can teach him to appreciate the smaller things in life then when he gets something great he'll appreciate it even more. But,
    No plan survives first contact.

  6. 2 bread snatchers, each getting about £200 spent on them, Bikes and shit cost serious cash
  7. I must say it was alot easier when mine was younger. Its alot easier and cheaper to buy for a rug rat than an older nipper. Now mine's neally 11, nothing he wants these days is under 100 quid. He also gets spoilt rotten by his grandparents because they dont see him that often.

    As a for instance, you cant buy a decent bike for a nipper for under a 100 quid. If you pay less, the're wrecked before the year is out.

    Christmas spending has to be one of the most effective forms of contraception going.

  8. I bought the wee man one of those robosapien things, had a play with it night before last, fcuckin great, i reckon i can program it to fetch my tabs from the other side of the room! most useful when trollied,however £80 I think I might be better off getting off my arrse!!! For all its top NASA technology and stuff i reckon its only one step up from the old BigTrak in the early 80's. A lazymans friend.

  9. I have only spent about £80 on my 2 yr old lad cos his dad and grandparents on both sides spoil him rotten anyway. Have to have regular clear out every 6 months or so cos they buy for him all the bloody time!
  10. Just checked my spend this year, and would like to submit my bid for Scrooge of the Year. Total spend so far, £98.72.

    Includes full xmas dinner for 2, some drink (probably more to buy there...), presents for three people & a dog, cards for lots and a full tank in the car to go visiting.

    Still got a few odds & ends to pick up, but expect to be comfortably under £150 total. Anyone want a humbug? :D
  11. Great Xmas dinner you're going to have then - NOT!!! Tightarse :roll:
  12. So I win the award, then ??? :p
  13. My budget for buying presents for 7 people is 150 quid. When I was a nipper, all we got for Christmas was a tangerine and a colouring book, and a length of electrical flex across our backs if we complained. :roll:
  14. Sounds familiar
  15. RTFQ


    Spent £120 on a necklace for the chick. I'm already getting some front-bottom action from her, is this wasted money? Girls, what should I expect for a 120 quid pay-out?