Christmas Special Event

Christmas is coming (Surprise!). I've been trying to put up a arrse panto but aged brain refuses to spark. Maybe someone else?
What I can suggest is a Show. Situation is that all over the world, all conflict involving UK troops has come to and end. End – full stop, not a Christmas Truce. To celebrate this, a sort of Forces Command Performance.
So – venue. One big central location with full SKY and BBC coverage or number of places similarly covered. Give reasons.
Presenter – Obviously Saint Bob in view of his charm and microphone presence. Bono is barred. Who to assist Bob? Personality or prominent arrse-er? Justify choice.
Performers - Each proposition to have no more than three. It Girls getting out of a car sans knickers is not a performer.
Serious moment – a wish. Wish it had happened or wish what had not happened
Buffet – f.o.c. Of course. Food choices.
Dream moment – which politician offed in full view of the crowd, and why and in what manner.
Star proposal – anything not covered above but which absolutely MUST be included.
Proceeds – to a starving, Biafran-style, kid with 6 or more life-destroying diseases anyway or to the service wing at Selly Oak.

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