Christmas Shopping with 'Them'...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dinosaur_poo, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. I assumed this would have been done already, but I can't find it on here.

    Sun Headline today:

    SAS hit squads at UK’s malls | The Sun |News

  2. Just don't dress up as a Brazilian electrician when you're out Christmas shopping.
  3. That made me spray the keyboard. That needs re-posting in NAAFI, fucking quality.

    All in a days work for a supermarket security guard, fending off wannabe hijackers of the mortal kombat video game.
  4. How long before they get bored like most men out shopping? They should send in the WI complete with handbags. Billy Connelly was right, a man will walk into a shop past Sharon Stones knickers finds what he wants "That will be £500" "Ta very much" out of the shop.
    Now a woman will see what she wants in the first shop, then go into at least 5 other shops, stop off for tea and cake, and then go back to the first shop and if she buys it for £499.99 she has saved a 1p and that is a successful shopping trip! No leave it to the WI