Christmas Prezzie Help!!

My brother and his Aussie bint live out in Perth WA, and i havent sent them anything for fact i was only reminded this morning when four rather large lovingly wrapped parcels arrived. :oops:

I know i've missed the last Royal Mail posting date, so my thoughts were getting online and ordering from an Aussie website? Anyone know of any decent sites (there isnt and Aussie Amazon??) where i can purchase the usual christmas gifty type things? Or have have any ideas how i may get some pressies sent out to them?

I have no idea what to buy them either, TBH i always thought my brother was a stabber until he brought his missus home....... to be fair though she does look like Prisoner cell Block H extra and sounds more like Alf Stuart than the man himself......

Would it be a strokers trick to say "oh did you not get the presents <insert over expesive gift items here> I did send them, they must be lost in the post??"
You've got plenty of time Cait, ocker crimbo is midsummer, so you needn't worry about it until after Easter.
Also booktopia, Australia Post Shop and ABC Shop. All do books and/or gifts and are not too bad.


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