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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Drlligaf, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. It's that time of year again, and people are dreaming of what they are getting for Christmas. Us shooters being a bit different from the rest of the world are probably dreaming of something unusual to find under the tree. So if you had one Christmas wish for one particular gun, what would it be and why? My wish for starters would be the StG 44, which is now being marketed in Germany in semi-auto only (pity). Why? I first saw one in Belgium years ago in a gun shop in Liege (where else?). It had buy me written all over it, unfortunately there were a few minor legal problems, otherwise I would love to have what is the worlds first assault rifle.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I would like a bren and also a 7.62 model to go with it, after that a sten, oh only one?
  3. Iwish I lived some place with liberal gun laws,
  4. .22 automatic pistol fitted with a silencer.
  5. I want a set of Beryllium nipples.

    Easily pleased.
  6. An Iraqi Supergun! Made from quality British Steel. :D
  7. Sorry the ammo is no longer available, something to do with the customer being bankrupt.

    You could of course reload-----
    Dies available from NDFS?
  8. Drlligaf wrote: I would love to have what is the worlds first assault rifle.

    SturmGewehr '44 may have had a couple of precursors:

    1. The Italian Cei-Rigotti 6.5 mm rifle that harkened back to the 1890s.

    2. The Russian Automat Federov of 1916, 6.5 mm.

    Both weapon weapons loaded from a detachable box magazine, were of the selective fire type, and utilized cartridges that might be considered too small to warrant classification as main battle rifles.

    I'm not aware that either of these weapons were used in substantial numbers anywhere. So it was no doubt the StG44 that established the reputation of the assault rifle as a necessary battlefield tool. Supposedly Kalashnikov had it in mind when he designed the AK47.

    I read somewhere or other that the term "assault rifle" was coined by Hitler. He certainly had an ear for a catchy phrase.
  9. The same manufacturer also makes an FG42 replica. There was a review in the latest issue of Visier, it looks the business!!!

    Even so, my current wish list is somewhat more modest, and I'd be very happy with either a Garand, a No.4, or perhaps a G33/40.
  10. I'd like a nice decent K98K, at a sensible price to appear !, not some of the old reworked russian dogs that have been trolled on the market as of late.
  11. Had to get rid of mine. Neighbors kept raising hell about the noise.
  12. That manufacturer makes a lot of replicas/remakes including an MP 40, unfortunately the FG42 is not cheap, about € 6000.00 if I remember rightly. At about € 2000.00 plus the StG 44 is a bargain. (All I have to do is lie to her indoors).
  13. I would have thougth that after the first round they would at least have been stone deaf, allway assuming that they didn't get too close to the muzzle in which case the muzzle blast would have cured their problems
  14. Whichurch RBL last Sunday, Cardiff.

    7x57 Mauser M1996 no B5470 Made by Ludwig Leowe Boer issue £180

    303 Lee EnfieldNo4Mk1* no25c8066 Made by Savage marked "US Property" made 1942 £180
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm resisting buyer anymore military rifles as I need sporters, I would like a 7x57 and have the slot along with 5 others but am waiting, also need a lightweight .243 in left hand.