Christmas Pressies For Arrsers


Would I be right in saying that the link is not work safe?
Maybe something with a razor wire coated marrow would be better for MDN?
Doubt anything else would give him pleasure or if he'd feel it
Mr_Deputy said:
ah matelot. i was only a stab by the way. forgot to say at the time. what would you maybe get me for chrimbo?
Your very own Virtual Reality world in which all the guns are plastic, as much alcove storage space as you want, an anti-flu jab and, as a xmas stocking filler, your very own inflatable range so you don't have to walk to one on your own with your plastic gun.

It took you long enough to come up with a gash excuse for your waltish verbal sh1te by the way.
ITS SEPT for gods sake!!!! xmas is still 4 months away!!
Local dept. store already has xmas gifts/decoration section up and running, mind you this is THE SARFWEST.
Probably not closed from last year
Tesco in Oldham is flogging Xmas stuff, then again ASDA cleared is shelfs of summer stuff at the end of Aug, filled it with Halloween sh1te. Nothing like cashing in.....
Mr Deputy, serious question,
How does all this xmas decs/xmas festivities go down with your 'minority' communities?
No sign of the local community leaders complaining of religious one sidedness?

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