Christmas Presents

Yes i know Xmas is still 7 weeks away or so , but i have been toying with the idea of actually doing my xmas shopping early for once instead if running around like a headless chicken at 1630hrs on Christmas eve, even then still forgetting a present and having to buy one at the local 24 hours petrol station.

I think most of my family have Roadmaps of the UK all the way from 1985 to this year.

ANnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyway, to get down to the nitty gritty of this thread, i have been thinking about all the useless presents i have received over the years.

To give some examples, one of those invisible dog leads, or a giant comb, just useless tat that some one has seen in a 1 pound shop and thought hahahaha that would be so funny for them to get that, when really it just makes you want to slap them, after you have already given a present that has cost over 5 times as much as they spent on you!!

what crap xmas presents have you given/received people in the past?

C'mon people i need some ideas for this year!!
A couple of years ago I bought my sister an X-Box and got a change-sorting machine in return. Go figure.
My Sister brought me a Thunderbirds digital watch - suitable for ages 2 to 5....Two pounds from Woolworths! All plastic with a shitty strap and a flip top Thunderbirds 2 with the digital display underneath............. I thought it was a joke present - but she was deadly serious! "I thought you liked the Thunderbirds?" When I was 5 maybe - not 35!

I on the other hand, brought her, her husband and her 2 kids separate presents totalling over 200 quid! Now, I know that money shouldn't come into it... but Fcuk me!

They're getting the square root of Fcuk all this year..... although I might buy the kids (6 & 4yrs) something really annoying and loud - Something like a drum kit or one of those voice altering megaphones (with at least 3 sets of long life batteries) ..............Payback.....

always found a present of a jigsaw with one piece strategically removed was excellent for giving to some one who'd pi**ed you off
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