Christmas presents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zulusix, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. I had the greatest present last night, I deliver lost lugage, and the last case I had to drop off was 3 mins from my brothers house in Ulveston Cumbria, I phoned him, and I went and had a coffee with him and his wife..

    I tell you it was the best present I could have ever dreamed of, as I haven't seen my brother for ten years, and I tell you, as I am writing this i have tears in my eyes, I found out that 4 years ago he had a heart attack, he is ok now, Gracias a Dio (thank God) he is ok... But I could have lost him and never got to tell him all the stuff you say to your brother when he is here/there in front of you/in the bar........

    he could have been gone............... and the stuff you wanted to say.

    I have no words,

    to say how dreadfull it feels to lose some one so close to you,

    I will say this, tell that person how you feel, TODAY, NOW,

    Before its to late...............
  2. I got a hall, in Eff. My dad is so kind.
  3. I got waterproof binoculars; a waterproof shaver; a hand held document scanner (not waterproof) and as much fuckin as I could handle (fond memories). Haven't seen me brother in years, so saved the price of a pressy. Result!
  4. Fair one, I didn't buy any pressies either so, apart from saving money, (not fucked about that anyway, as you can't take it with you) Hope you had a good one, I did, I enjoyed the day as it happened and my day went well.
  5. Good stuff! I am off out to lunch in a minute, so will salute the Christmas spirit a little more. Cheers!
  6. A bottle of Drambuie and a first rate Christmas dinner from my nextdoor neighbour. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  7. Christmas sucks, family = bunch of life sucking cunts, fuck them cunts, i am out to enjoy life and get drunk and piss away any money they think they can get from me!
  8. It's good to have ambition.
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  9. So you can't manage to phone, email, text or visit in ten years and now feel guilty about it?
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  10. So you've had a cracking Xmas by the sounds of it?
  11. I haven't spoken to or had any contact whatsoever with any of my siblings for over twenty years..... not since our mother's funeral and I am more than happy for things to remain like that.
  12. Bowmore_Assassin

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  13. That's fair enough but I can't understand Zulusix not visiting his brother when clearly he wanted to. It's Cumbria not Australia.
  14. All sorts of reasons. If it weren't for the invention of Facebook, I probably wouldn't have any contact with two of my siblings, not because I don't want to but because other things get in the way. It also doesn't help that I never know where one of them is from one moment to the next! I've gone 10 years without contacting my eldest sister, I joined the Army, she moved to a different country, I now see her about once a year. One of my sisters didn't have any contact with one of my brothers for over 30 years, again not because they'd fallen out, just that their lives had gone in different directions.

    We've all got busy lives, they have their families, I have mine. You mean to make that call, send that email, whatever but then someone or something distracts you and you've lost the momentum. The problem is, you get blaze about them, thinking that like they were in your youth, they are always going to be there. I suddenly realised a short time ago that my eldest brother is going to be 63, how the hell did that happen? Unfortunately, as he lives in another country, I doubt I will be seeing him any time soon.

    I'm glad for Z6, he's had the chance to catch up with his brother and I'm sure now that he won't let such a long time pass before he sees him again.
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  15. I'm also pleased for him, just don't understand it when it's so easy to find people these days. Perhaps it's because i've lost three of my siblings or maybe it's familial differences. You can chat online for free it just doesn't make sense to me.
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