Christmas presents?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rogue_trader, Dec 25, 2010.

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  1. What did you get for christmas this year, what did you want but not get, and what did you give?
  2. For you to stop posting maybe!
  3. I got xmas duty - fuckin bargain
  4. Obviously neither your wife nor your kids has managed to wrap up a life for you yet and stick it under the tree? Maybe if you ask really nicely they'll give you one for your birthday? You could do with it.
  5. I got 2x copies of Inception
    2x copies of Centurian
    2x copies of Rome series 1 & 2
    101 things to do in a Shed
    Madmen (Series 1,2 &3)
    An Apron (with "may the the folks be with you")
    A small bear.
    A book on being a Dad.

    Next year I will just ask for Amazon or Ebay vouchers.

    I will be having a second Christmas tomorrow when Lady Von Harley is off shift.
  6. Got nothing, gave nothing.
    Fucking hate Christmas.
  7. An iPad, which I'm going to return. I've already got an iPod Touch and a netbook, and a phone which needs replacing, so I'll put the £420 to better use.
  8. DP, I love you, merry christmas.
  9. New G-shock rescue with atomic clock gubbins, fallout new Vegas and red dead undead. There go my rest days.
  10. I got a dose of AIDS from some dirty eastern-european (I forget which country) slut. The pros are the inevitable weight loss, and the chance to syringe people I don't like, the cons are the size of the tablets I have to take to get rid of it.

    Thankfully I'm not black, or gay, so I can't die from AIDS.
  11. Citroen C5 Estate,Olympus mu tough camera, tropical fish tank and a Bradford City season ticket(theres always a down side) oh the love of a fantastic woman.
  12. I got my Girlfriend a new pair of oven gloves she loves them I can hear her screaming in delight downstairs right now.
  13. The Town CD.
    Dexter (1 thru 5) CD's
    A fuck off pair of Bose Headphones.
    Bubble Bath
    A de-stink Stick
    and the usual pants, shirt, socks and underkeks

    I also got two good leather belts that came in a fancy plastic box, upon opening said fancy fukkin box I now have a fukkin slash in my finger that needs two stitches but I'm not going to emerge coz that would pussyfie me in front of the kids.

    I got the wife a pair of slippers and a dildo
    If she don't like the slippers she can go
    fuck herself :-0
  14. Some socks... ah well a man can dream for a new car
  15. To paraphrase Ian Dury, I'd settle for another Christmas.