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Christmas presents - Thats just what I wanted!

Well here's a lovely gift idea:

Here is a Vaseline Glass 2 Guns Revolvers on a Font. Made from an original Westmoreland Glass 1923 Mould & listed in the old catalogs. Limited quantity by Mosser. Glass mixed with Uranium which makes it glow green under a Black Light. Cooled factory mould marks on font. On trigger guard, " PAT APL'D FOR". Measuring 8-1/4" tall, and each Gun 5-1/2" x 2/3/4". Both Guns mint condition. For the Gun/Pistol collector and a beautiful addition to your Vaseline Glass collection.

The perfect Glass/Vaseline/Uranium/gun themed combo?

Anybody top that?
Is it some kind of warry double ended fluorescent dildo??? What does the Vaseline do???
bigbird67 said:
Is it some kind of warry double ended fluorescent dildo??? What does the Vaseline do???
Whew it wasn't just my mind then :oops:

Bugger to wrap too :roll:
Funny that, I was just looking at glass dildos while googling for the above.

I assume only 'go-ers' use em..those of a slighty..lax pocket of love.. someone with good tight muscular tension 'down there' would be prone to smashing a glass dildo wouldnt they?

The convos in A&E would be interesting..
I have no questions to answer, well not many and I am allowed to say no comment. Right?
I know I wouldnt put one in the dishwasher imagine trying to explain it to my old man when he unpacks it in the morning :omg:

MSR that ones the mini version, im sure theres others far better for him.
It beats a new pair of socks I suppose...

but only just.

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