Christmas present ideas - books.


This may sound a bit daft, but me and my missus have decided only to buy each other a book for Christmas this year, so what i'd like to know is can anybody recommend a good book that I can ask for?

I've got all of the Anthony Beevor books( Stalingrad, Berlin, The Spanish Civil War) and i'm looking for similar Military History/History/anything that's a good read really.

Any ideas?


Blood, Tears & Folly An Objective Look At World War II by Len Deighton (ISBN 0-7126-6226-X).

Geoff Dyer said:
...his most ambitious book yet, is a global history of "the darkest hour of the Second World War", from the invasion of Czechoslovakia to the aftermath of Pearl Harbour. Each section, moreover, is set against a deep background which locates the particular chain of events in a large historical perspective... What wonderful stuff it is! Every page of Deighton's work glows with the excitement of discovery.
Jack Higgins said:
This is an absolute landmark as regards the history of the Second World War. It is a remarkable achievement... There is quite simply no-one to touch Len Deighton as a historian of that conflict.
I found this to be a really enjoyable and educational read and I still dip in to re-read sections. It's a 'proper' history book, but written in Deighton's novelist style, it really is gripping and drags the reader into the 'story'. I've read an awful lot of books about WWII but I can't rate this one highly enough.
recently read that i enjoyed -

'Friendly Fire' the secret war between the allies - Lynn Picknett, ClivePrince, Stepthen Prior.

the intrigue and treachery between - and within - the nations that were ostensibly allies during the Second World War, puts a whole new slant on your view of WW2.
'Redcoat: the British soldier in the age of horse and musket' by Richard Holmes is good if you're looking for non fiction.

It's well researched and a good insight.
My other half has just bought "witness to war" which is a collection of diary entries from people from all walks during the 2nd WW - seems to be finding it a good read so far
"Whicker's War" by Alan Whicker. Following the Eighth Army up Italy in 1943-5. Available as book, CD and DVD.
Cry Bosnia by Paul Harris is excellent if you want something a bit closer to home. Superb, moving photographs as well as great war writing.
'My war gone by I miss it so' by Antony Loyd, the best Bosnia book out there.
The two John Masters biographies, clearly (You can't go wrong with Bugles and a Tiger, only 7 quid in paperback, or The Road Past Mandalay), Quartered Safe out Here by George macDonald Fraser, Max Hastings' Warriors was a good general read and not too taxing, just read a book about troop commanders experiences in Bosnia (Cleanse their souls?) which was excellent. If you want to stretch yourself a bit the new book by Rupert Smith is worth a serious read. What sort of subject area interest you most?
"Chickenhawk" by Robert Mason.

Non gung-ho account of a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war. A very interesting read, especially for the honest account of the events after the war for him.

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