christmas present advice..

Hoping someone can help me out with some advice on a good watch for t'other half..

His last one broke and he's in dire need of another so thought it would be a good option for christmas..

it'll need to be one he can wear in the field, be water resistant , have an alarm and stopwatch and all that malark..also under strict instructions for absolutely nothing poncey/bling (although that would have comedy value..)

Before I just buy him a black G-Shock can any of u menfolk recommend me summat or is that my best option??

price range not a huge factor (within reason!)

Festive thanks in advance..
cheetarah said:
potential winner there matelot...

v good suggestion- thanks alot!!
The mickey Mouse one?
the_matelot said:
BigRed said:
Why not ask a site sponsor, never know there may be a discount for publicity......

Or a freebie for whoever sent you there!!?
What, and spend an extra £50 for the same watch???? I don't think so!
Don't shoot the messenger only pointing the good lady in the direction of Mil style watches, where she buys from is a womans perogative.................... :roll:
'tis true..not the most romantic!

although that ship sailed two months ago when it became obvious that he will still be away on the 25th and won't get to open it until early jan!

whats that depressing elvis song..

"it'll be lonely this christmas...lonely and cold..."

stupid question coming up....u can get garmin gps watches??

don't laugh if that was a lamo thing to say!

that could be good to have a look at along with the others..
No, well yes you can but its not what I was thinking, something along the lines of this, and for an extra tenner you can get a pouch out of any army surplus store and quite probably the arrse surplus store which would enable him to mount it on his webbing

They also do watches , but in my opinnion this would be over complicated / too bulky / impractical and likely to get damaged if used on ftxs.

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