christmas pay

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by killergibbo, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know if we get payed for christmas either at the end of the month or on the 22nd of this month.....spoke to afew of my cpl's and they say one of the other each time so i dont know who to believe

    does anyone know
  2. It goes in when it goes in. If you can't budget trying having a few less pints a night......

  3. Your pay goes in on the last working day of the month. A working day is Mon - Fri, excluding Bank Holidays. There is no alllowance for it being Christmas.
  4. you are a cock stevie w rocks!!!!
  5. for the last four/five months the German banks (sparkie anyway) have been putting the money in between 7 and 5 days before the end of the month, The jocks are skint before the month starts :D before that they always did the last friday of the month,
  6. JPA states that we will be paid on Mon 31 Dec which is a working day.

  7. For those that need to know:

    31st December
    Payment Date – Regulars

    2nd January
    Payment Date - Reservists
  8. jockster, stop being a tit. If you expect the lads to 'budget' during the festive season by having a few less pints down the pub, then should I budget by missing my payment on my mortgage, not pay the CSA, not pay the loan for my shit stirring cock of a jock ex wife's car, not pay my bills, insurance etc all just because I'm interested to know when we get paid too.

    I bet you've just come back from op's. Bank load of cash. livin the singley life.

    C O C K
  9. Yep, still the 31st :wink:
  10. Ken hardly being a cock for stating the obvious am I? We get paid on the last working day of the month every month. Just 'cos it's Christmas doesn't mean we get paid early in the spirit of the season.

    For info, a pad who has not just returned from Ops but doesn't count one's chickens when it comes to when the cash is in the bank.

    Jockster :wink:
  11. hey....i got payed today!!!!! :D
  12. Patronising cnut, the question was when do we get paid, so bore off and go be smug some where else.
  13. And as Tinkerbell has proved you will get paid when you get paid. SOME banks MAY clear the funds early others will not so official day of 31st isn't always correct depending on YOUR bank.

    No one is going to say you MIGHT get paid early for a world of crap would follow on this forum if they don't.

    If your suggesting that telling someone to budget is smug then no comment.

    Note: CAPS not shouting but amplifying point.