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Good afternoon all.

I'm trying to organise a Xmas party for my section and i'm really struggling to find a decent location that your average JR can afford without mortgaing my married quarter, selling my kids into slavery and flogging my kidneys on e-bay. I know from previous experience that trying to find decent locations can be a right pain in the arrse.

So, anyone got any ideas for a decent all-ranks night out nr Northwood for approx £30-40 a head? Anybody own somewhere we can get for this, or know of anywhere that'll do a decent discount?

Also if we open this thread up so that anyone else who's in the same situation as me can post their location so that the font-of-knowledge that is Arrse can help.

Sorry, mate no idea. But if you change your mind about the kids, I can get you a good price.
I know planning ahead is important but it's only July FFS!

jimnicebutdim said:
How dare you suggest such a thing, i'm outraged............errr how much?
Depends, boy or girl? My client, Michael J, has specific requirements.


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jimnicebutdim said:
I'm trying to organise a Xmas party for my section
Gosh, is it that time already? And heres me wondering if the Red Hot Pokers will self seed and if I should cut back the Cherry Plum tree. Or not.

Xmas party venues you say? Value for money eh? I feel I can help. *Clicky*
Luckily I re-read that as at first glance the words Northwood, Head and £30 leapt out.

My first thought was bugger that its too expensive..theres some nasty slappers round my way that will accomodate for half price... maybe cheaper if up for haggling :twisted:

Now, slightly disappointed my second thought is WTF its only July Christmas is miles away..its only a matter of time before we're bombarded with sh!te on TV with out getting it here.

And don't let it be said I never offer solutions.. large tent with white camnet, accompanied by expensive NAAFI beer and the cheapest mobile disco going.
Get down to Watford and see what is on offer there. The Comedy Club must be doing a deal - always good crack. Also - does it have to be a standard sort of do? Think a bit different - some of the less traditional places do good deals at that time of year to compete - rent a whole curry house out for the night?
A couple of years ago, we went to a Morrocan restaurant in the West End. Different or what! By the time you've overindulged on the giggle juice, you don't know if you're eating pigs eyes, christmas tree balls or camels' testicles! IMHO, they all taste the same.
There's a well classy 24 hr strippers joint/pub in nearby Uxbridge free entrey beers reasonable and if you stand just past the bar the women wont hassle you for a few quid into the pot also a "gentlemens" club upstairs fcuk knows what it's called though
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